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How to Save Money for Travel (You Don’t Need to Be Rich) 

It goes without saying that traveling requires you to have some money to pay for accommodation, transport, food, and other leisurely activities that would make your trip memorable. However, you don’t have to be rich to have enough money for traveling. There are ways for an average person to save enough money to afford an […]

How to Sleep on a Plane According to Science

Do you struggle to fall asleep on a plane? After flying for several hours, no one likes to arrive at their final destination feeling groggy and jetlagged, especially if it’s coming off of a red-eye flight. The truth is, airplane cabins are just not designed for sleep. Between other passengers climbing over you, noise from […]

4 Mindful Destinations to Help You Find Your True Self

Are you one of those avid travelers who see this activity as something more than just having fun and visiting tourist hotspots? Are you one of those who are always looking for new, incomparable experiences that gift them with new perspectives and new curiosity to see even more? If the answer is yes, you are […]

Keep Calm and Travel On: How to Prepare for Your Next Trip

One of the most stressful things you can do during this time of year is planning a vacation. Whether you’re taking a trip with friends to escape frigid temperatures, or to spend some quality time with family, you must plan for the trip appropriately. Obviously, there’s much to consider when planning your trip and it […]

8 Tantalizing Travel Destinations for Personal Growth 

We’ve all been there, at that point in life where you just need to pack up your things, buy a ticket and go. Where to? Does it really matter? All it matters is that you are sure that you are going to feel… something… different. You can always go on a journey or a weekend […]

Mindful Travel Tips That Will Make You Cherish Your Trip More

Meditation can be practiced all the time and even in a marketplace. Meditation is all about being conscious and aware of our actions, thoughts, and feelings. – Unknown Summer is in full swing, and the chances are that you have travel plans in the near future. Maybe this weekend? Unless you’re going on a yoga […]

How to Sleep Away From Home

Traveling is almost always a welcome thing for a host of reasons. However, some people face several issues when away from home. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, there may be tiny details that somehow take away from the experience. One of them is having trouble falling asleep.

8 Mindful Tips to Beat Work Travel Stress and Stay Productive On The Road

Have you ever wondered why some people absolutely hate business travel while others seem to love it? Variables like location, length, and time of year obviously have a big impact on the enjoyableness of work travel. But even with all those things equal, two distinct camps of business travelers remain: those who happily travel for […]

Take a Mindfulness Holiday

Many people live with stress and fear as their dominating drives and this is incredibly sad. To truly reach our true potential we must practice living in the moment: the art of mindfulness. It is all too easy to stay in the comfort zone of our well-worn preconceptions about life, but this will not lead […]

Did You Know Culture Shock Can Be Good for You?

When one is about to go to another country – whether for business, pleasure, or study – culture shock is often one of the first things brought up. More so, it is one of the main concerns, especially for people who are planning on living in another country for a while. Travelers get all sorts […]