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How to Manage and Get Over Analysis Paralysis

“Progress, not perfection,” I remember hearing this in the Denzel Washington film, “The Equalizer.” It has stuck with me since and, while the thought is comforting, it is actually very hard for me to digest. You see, I grew up a perfectionist. I’m still a bit of a perfectionist now. I am diagnosed with Obsessive […]

4 Simple Strategies to Cope With Lockdown Isolation

Our lives were changed in an instant when the pandemic COVID-19 hit the world. Young or old, single or married, working or jobless – nobody was spared. Without a cure or vaccine yet in sight and the weeks of isolation in our homes stretching longer than we ever imagined, it is only natural that so […]

STRESS SMACKDOWN: How to Create Calm Despite COVID-19 Chaos

Being quarantined during a global pandemic is not how most of us envisioned spending our spring! Rather, we were planning fun vacations, preparing for long-awaited graduations or weddings, or just excitedly getting out of our winter confinement. Instead, we find ourselves amidst a medical, economic, and mental health crisis all rolled into one. Can you […]


How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Quarantine

There are times in life when keeping a positive outlook truly is a challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic sure is one of those moments. Not only is the world faced with a major global health crisis, but we’re also witnessing economic consequences and prevailing uncertainty. Combined with the fact that most people are either self-isolating or […]

One Man’s Story: From Anti-Social to Social

I find that it’s always good to start from the beginning and say what I am in order to inform what I am not. I am an autistic social worker, author, and motivational speaker from Derry City in Ireland’s northwest. Like many autistic children, I went through mainstream school, and compared to everyone else, I […]


How to Stay Healthy When Stuck at Home

With most states and countries ordering people to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19, people are feeling the challenge to stay healthy. Within the confines of a restricted space, and with comparably limited resources, our wellspring of creativity and ingenuity comes in handy.   This article will discuss ways to maintain physical and mental […]

How to Drink Tea for a Natural Mood Boost

Tea has been used for centuries by our ancestors as a go-to antibiotic and herbal remedy. To this day, the Camellia Sinensis plant yields health benefits beyond a warm comfort on a cold morning.

Boost Your Mental Health By Choosing the Right Types of Food

Your body can benefit from healthy eating in a variety of ways. For starters, it can give you more energy and help you maintain a healthy weight. While most people understand why it’s important to eat nutritious meals, some don’t understand that making the right food choices can boost their mental health. This includes eating […]


Practical Steps to Good Mental Health

Mental health has a significant impact on your overall well-being. Anxiety, depression and other psychological issues usually have a physical component that must be addressed practically. They can also exacerbate physical health problems. It is in your best interest to take care of your mental health just as well as you would take care of […]

What Can Your Dreams Tell You?

The places we journey in our minds at night can tell us a lot about ourselves, our aspirations, our fears and so much more. Dreaming alone can teach us a lot when we’re awake. They make us face the realities of our own impermanence, the benefits of having an open mind and the importance of […]