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Riots, Wars, Viruses, and Failed Economies – How Do We Cope?

A few facts about riots, wars, viruses, and economies: The recent riots around police brutality, racial inequities and injustice are the worst riots in the US since the 1960’s rebellion against the Vietnam war and racial discrimination. Black American COVID-19 mortality is more than 3 ½ times the white mortality rate. Real median Black household […]

4 Simple Strategies to Cope With Lockdown Isolation

Our lives were changed in an instant when the pandemic COVID-19 hit the world. Young or old, single or married, working or jobless – nobody was spared. Without a cure or vaccine yet in sight and the weeks of isolation in our homes stretching longer than we ever imagined, it is only natural that so […]

“New normal” Practices We Should Carry On into the Future

New normal. The past few weeks, hearing this phrase every so often makes me want to puke. Yet, here I am, using it myself because the term is relevant and there’s no getting away from it. Pandemics and tragedies have a way of creating a permanent adjustment in people’s lives.  Covid-19 has necessitated measures that […]


How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Quarantine

There are times in life when keeping a positive outlook truly is a challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic sure is one of those moments. Not only is the world faced with a major global health crisis, but we’re also witnessing economic consequences and prevailing uncertainty. Combined with the fact that most people are either self-isolating or […]

Self-Care While Staying at Home During the Lockdown

One gift of the being at home bound during the lockdown, aside from the Earth healing & cleansing itself, is the idea of self-care especially for those who are in a state of burn-out but still wouldn’t find the time. Below are some tips, choose to come from a space of self-nurturing rather than doing […]


5 Yin Yoga Poses To Help Calm Anxiety During Quarantine

Nowadays, staying at home can bring about feelings of grief, anxiety, and isolation. Luckily, the slow-paced, quiet practice of yin yoga can help you embrace the quietude, and restore ease and energy back into your body, and plant good intentions in the mind. Here are 5 postures you can do at home, in bed or […]


Get Grounded With This 13-Minute Guided Meditation Session

Is being cooped up at home getting to you? While it may have been an exciting thought at the beginning, a few weeks inside can drive anyone into a state of restlessness – physically, emotionally, and emotionally. If you feel like you’re all over the place, if you’re feeling swamped, or you’re in need of […]

How to Help Your Kids Deal with School Closures

“School’s out forever!” Watching classic rock videos on YouTube while on quarantine took me to Alice Cooper’s song.  And got me guiltily thinking, “How are my kids coping with school closures and COVID-19?” I’d maybe mistakenly presumed they’d be like me. I had no problems with school closing. Heck, I looked forward to those days […]