The Worst Speeches: What NOT to do in a Speech

Last week we showed you some of history’s greatest speakers and the techniques they used to deliver their marvelous oral discourses. In this post I want to quickly show you some things NOT to do in a speech.

1. George Bush – Don’t take questions if you don’t know your material
George Bush is renowned for being a very poor public speaker. Quite often he is put on the spot with a penetrating question and he struggles to formulate a good response. Take a look at this video where Bush is asked a pretty simple question.

It is really important to know your industry top to bottom if you want to look professional. If you don’t know your material then don’t put yourself in a position where you will be put on the spot.

2. Don McMillan – What NOT to do on Powerpoint
We all know those corporate Powerpoint presentations that make you go to sleep. Comedian Don McMillan takes a look at what NOT to do with Powerpoint. Take special notice of the first point he raises – it is hilarious!

3. George Bush – Pick your occasion
On Veteran’s Day George Bush gave an angry, partisan and very inappropriate speech. It is important to make sure the occasion is right for your message. Do not isolate people in the audience with your speech – instead try to appeal to everyone.

Any others?

Can anyone think of any other speeches that just made you cringe?

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