How Blogging Can Help Reduce Stress and Improve Wellbeing

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Documenting your thoughts is no longer limited to journals and diaries, there are so many ways to go online. Creative and expressive writing provide a number of benefits that help to relieve stress and alleviate negative emotions. While journaling and diarizing thoughts is a wonderful personal experience, blogging has the added advantage of allowing writers to place their thoughts online, where they might be read by others.

As a blogger, it will also offer others the chance to communicate with you about your writing. Simply with a little bit of planning and the right knowledge, starting a blog can be the ideal platform on which to express yourself. There are many benefits to this which can be seen below:

Increase Communication Skills and Develop Greater Empathy

Writing is a channel of communication and doing this repeatedly will ensure that you grow more astute at connecting. By writing digitally, you will be connecting to an audience eager to hear your thoughts. The nature of blogging allows for feedback, comments and replies, and this naturally facilitates a conversation. By this virtue, you will constantly be communicating with your audience, not only expressing your own thoughts but assimilating others, which ultimately will allow for greater understanding and reflection of yourself. An added bonus is that the longer you write, the more you develop your skills as a writer. As time goes on, you will find that expressing yourself becomes a lot easier, you will be able to write more eloquently and be able to describe more niche feelings, and that your writing and communicating as a whole will become more refined.

Purge your Consciousness of Negative Thoughts and Emotions

We all feel sad, confused and anxious at times; it’s all part of being human. What everyone agrees on is that bottling up emotions is a terrible way of dealing with them. Venting to another person is one option to offer release, but blogging is another way of purging these emotions. Problems always seem bigger in our head, and writing them down will shrink them to a realistic size; it will help you to take a step back and allow you to view things in their correct context, something not always attainable when your thoughts are clouding your judgement. It will also offer you a way of dealing with them more objectively, now that you can see them at a more manageable level.

Aid in Contemplation and Relaxation

Studies have shown that blogs can be used to great effect when it comes to reducing stress. Penning your thoughts is cathartic, and once the weight of anxiety is lifted, you’ll notice that you can breathe easier and focus more clearly. Your mind will be free to explore your emotions and feelings. This will be a key time for reflection. Not only will the sense of solidarity aid in augmenting your feeling of calm, but you will be able to garner different perspectives about what you have written.

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