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I’ve recently had a few emails from followers of the Daily Mind asking how they can promote their own writing on matters of spirituality, wellbeing and personal development. Well, if you already write a blog about these subjects, or if you’d like to start one up and want to build up a following, then read on to find out how you can promote your blog! 

How to promote your blog

Make your words stand out
Blog Search Engine is a web portal that features various blogs from all over the world, making it a one-stop-shop for people looking for information. So, whether you want to write about mindfulness, positive thinking, the law of attraction or anything else connected with spirituality, this will ensure that your words are read by a wider audience. Indeed one visit to Blog Search Engine can get the attention of people who otherwise might not even know that your blog exists!

The membership fee is just $14.99 and members can then choose from a range of different packages featuring more options to promote their blog and get more backlinks.

Getting started
Go to and input your name, chosen user name, email and the address and name of your blog. Then click on the link to pay your membership fee of $14.99. This is done quickly and safely through Paypal.

Once you’ve done this you will receive an email with your chosen username and password and you’ll be automatically redirected to the packages page. Here you can choose one of the more advanced Silver, Gold or Platinum packages where you then login with your new details, make payment and – hey presto! – you’re done.

Some added advantages
One of the advantages of signing up to the Silver, Gold or Platinum packages is that an in-depth review will be written about your blog and published on the website Bloggy Award along with a link back to your site, therefore driving more visitors to your blog.

I hope this is useful and that some of you budding spiritual bloggers will sign up! Good luck.

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