Get Grounded With This 13-Minute Guided Meditation Session

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Is being cooped up at home getting to you? While it may have been an exciting thought at the beginning, a few weeks inside can drive anyone into a state of restlessness – physically, emotionally, and emotionally. If you feel like you’re all over the place, if you’re feeling swamped, or you’re in need of some grounding, this 13-minute guided meditation session will help you release the negative energy in your body and mind.

Guided meditation is a great activity especially if you find it hard to meditate in the first place. With someone taking the helm and pointing your thoughts in a specific direction, you can ease yourself into letting go and just being aware of the moment.

Whether your mind is busy, confused, afraid, stressed, or restless, this guided meditation session led by Santani Wellness‘ resident yoga teacher will help you quiet the noise these uncertain times bring. With his calm demeanor and soothing voice, you’ll find yourself sinking into a sense of tranquility quickly.

Learn how to recognize your current state of mind, body, and external circumstances. Acknowledge the fear and anxiety that the pandemic may bring. Observe all the feelings that are going through you. And learn to accept everything just as they are…slowly letting go, resting in the fact that you are alive and that you can have peace in spite of everything.

I tried this myself, in the middle of the workday, and I’m thanking myself for doing that. All you need is a comfortable sitting space – a chair, your sofa, or even the floor (a carpet or a cushion helps) and less time than you need to make dinner.

Ready to shake off the stress? Enjoy this guided meditation video.

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