4 Guided Meditation Apps to Help You Get Started

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In my last post, I talked about guided meditation and how it can benefit you. I also promised to share some guided meditation apps that will help you get started.

Meditation is not an easy thing, and some people really can’t get the hang of it. To be honest, I cannot do it alone for a very long time – hence my foray into guided meditation.

I also have a confession. Even though I use guided meditation apps, I find that in order for them to do the trick, I have to do them repeatedly. That means every day, or several times a day. That’s not to say they do not work, but if you have anxiety (or other similar) problems, you might want to get some help on top of using guided meditation apps.

That being said, here are four guided meditation apps that you might want to try.

Oh, and one last thing, most of them are free, but they have in-app purchases to unlock more sessions.

Guided Meditation Apps

Pure Meditation – 20 Guided Meditation Techniques with HD Video Backgrounds & Ambient Meditation Music

App description:

“These guided meditation techniques (yoga based program) can be done anywhere and at anytime, and you can notice results in seconds. You need calm, you need relax time. Now you can learn how to meditate with this fantastic meditation app.

Perfect for all levels from beginners to highly advanced meditators.

There’s a variety of guided meditation techniques so you will be certain you will find one that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs. From quick meditation techniques that can be done in seconds to nice long relaxing meditation sessions.

Featuring a continuously updated library of guided meditation, the app allows you to choose from a wide variety of different tracks to accompany you to sleep.”

My experience

I got the free version, so there was only one 25-minute session. I found it relaxing, but I had to get used to the narrator’s voice. The instructions were simple and did help me relax, but as a beginner, I found 25 minutes to be a little long. If you’re comfortable with that period, however, give it a try.

And, it’s free for today!

Get Pure Meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation – Guided Mindfulness Meditation

App description:

“Guided meditations – This application will help you practise meditation with a series of audios adapted to the different needs of your everyday life. It will guide you from the beginning to an advanced level.

Timer – The timer allows you to meditate without listening to the narration. A bell will alert you whenever a quarter of the time has elapsed.”

My experience

Just like the previous app, Mindfulness Meditation is free. What I like about it is that it has sessions with different lengths – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.

The problem is that only the 5-minute session is free, and you’ll have to pay for the rest. Try out the free session first, and if you like it, then go for the in-app purchase.

Get Mindfulness Meditation.

Complete Relaxation: Guided Meditation for a Happy, Stress Free Life

App description:

“Set to the stunning music of Australian composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D. Complete Relaxation features a bespoke mix of his hypnotic tracks “The Essence of Peace” and the angelic “Heavens Gate”.

With each composition working seamlessly alongside the relaxation script, you’re taken on a guided journey through the body, relaxing each and every muscle before being invited to float down into Complete Relaxation, where the positive affirmations begin.

With the latest meditation and relaxation techniques, this app will ease every muscle in your body, offering you complete relaxation…”

My experience

One thing I can say: it does help you to relax. And, yes, the music is a very nice touch.

I like doing these sessions in bed, so I feel relaxed even more.

There is a lite version, and a full version for $1.99.

Get Complete Relaxation.

Guided Mind — Guided Meditation, Relaxation & Mindfulness for Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia & More

App description:

“Relax and get guided through meditations on a variety of topics dealing with the stresses and challenges of day-to-day life.

Updated frequently with new guides and meditations.


  • Easy & effective step-by-step, voice-guided meditations
  • Short (~5min), medium (~15min), and long (30+ min) meditations
  • 8 different meditation guides (speakers)
  • 20+ FREE high quality meditations
  • 150+ high quality meditations
  • 14 FREE nature soundscapes
  • 20+ instrumental tracks
  • Looping for continuous play
  • Download any meditation and listen without an internet connection
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Instructions on how to use the app to meditate
  • Information about each guide
  • Meditations for both beginners & experienced meditators”

My experience

I saved this app for last because, in my book, it is the best. It is the app that I use most.

It offers a lot of guided meditations based on various topics. If you are dealing with a particular problem, you can search for that, and you’ll probably find a guided meditation session targeting that issue.

Additionally, it has a good number of free sessions, which I find really useful. There are some topics which are in-app purchases, but they’re well worth your money.

Get Guided Mind.

Do you use guided meditation apps? Maybe you can share them with us!

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