Want to Quit Your Job? 7 Ways to Step Forward When You’re Scared to Death

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You wake up early in the morning with one thought on your mind: “Ugh… it’s Monday.” You have to get up and face another dull working day. You don’t like this job. You know you don’t belong there. It’s making you miserable and the thought of spending another day in that office is agonizing.

Why don’t you make a change?

There are few reasons that are holding you back, right? First of all, there’s the money. Maybe you’re torturing yourself with this job, but at least it’s paying the bills. You didn’t have it easy to get there. Quitting feels like a step back in your career.

But it’s not a step back.

When you’re at the wrong job, quitting is a step forward. It’s a scary thing to do, but it’s the only right thing to do.

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According to the information provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.2 million people quit their jobs in September 2017. That number is high, and it’s a good thing. It’s an indicator of a healthy labor market, where the workers are strong enough to make such a bold decision. 

You can do it, too! We suggest 7 ways to overcome the fear of being jobless and making the step forward.

7 Ways to Step Forward and Quit Your Job When You’re Scared to Death

Clarify Your Vision

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When you realize what you want, you’ll understand how much you don’t want your current job. Before making any steps towards quitting, you need to identify your vision. What do you want to be doing in your life? What’s the ideal position you envision for yourself five years from today?

Define the things you’re committed to achieving. You’ll get there only if you make a change. With such goals, you’ll find strength to start making the first steps.

Understand Where the Fear Is Coming From

You’re about to make a huge decision. Fear should not stand in the way of new opportunities. However, maybe it’s there for a reason. You can turn fear into your ally on this journey.

Listen to the warnings. What exactly are you afraid of? Is it the money, the challenging job market, or something else? Give a name to your fear. Then, think of ways to overcome the risks it warns you about. This approach will give you the self-confidence you need before quitting.

Have a Plan for the Worst-Case Scenario

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you left this job? Answer this question and you’ll find the root of your fear. Your ego doesn’t want to face a bad scenario. That’s why it’s making you stay in the comfort zone. But what if that comfort zone is worse than the worst-case scenario?

Think about the potential crises. Make plans for them. What would you do to make such situations better?

Save Money before Quitting

Most – if not all – people are afraid to leave their jobs because they depend on the income. If they don’t find new jobs right away, the gap will be utterly scary.

You’re thinking about leaving this job? Save some money first! Skip the vacation. Don’t make unnecessary purchases. When you have enough savings to go through at least two months without a job, you’ll be more confident to make this step forward.

Explore the Job Market

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There are tons of opportunities out there. In an ideal situation, you’ll find a new job before you quit this one. Why don’t you make that ideal situation happen?

Cover all your bases. Work on your LinkedIn profile and start making connections. Apply to relevant job ads. You don’t have the skills needed for the job you really want? Well, it’s time to start gaining those skills. Take online courses and join training programs that give you what it takes for that new job. Then, you’ll be definitely ready to quit this one.

Understand Your Social Responsibility

How are you contributing to society with this current job?

A doctor is saving lives. A blogger helps people find solutions. If someone is working in a store that sells TV sets, for example, they are playing your part in something that makes people happy. When they find and buy the perfect TV for their needs, the family spends great moments of happiness.

You don’t see such a connection? You see it, but you don’t think you’re doing enough? If you don’t see how you’re making the world a better place, you’re definitely ready for a new job. It’s time to step away from mediocrity and become truly active. Quitting this job is the first step towards fulfillment. The world needs you!                                                                              

Quit Gracefully

Check your employment contract. Does it state how much notice you should give? Even if there’s no such part in the contract, you should still give at least two weeks notice. Sometimes it’s okay not to give two weeks notice, but those situations are extremely rare.     

When you’re ready to quit while preserving your personal integrity, you’ll be more confident in your decision. Write a good resignation letter that helps you maintain a professional connection with your old employer. When you realize that you’re not doing any damage by leaving, it will be easier to overcome the discomfort of quitting. You’ll be ready to start pursuing your own goals. 

This won’t be the easiest decision you’ve ever made. It gives you a harsh push outside your comfort zone. However, when your intuition tells you that quitting this job is necessary for your personal and professional progress, there’s only one way to go: forward!

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This post was written by Micheal Gilmore, an entrepreneur and passionate career advisor at resumes writing service Resumesplanet. His mission is helping people achieve perfection in anything they do. Follow him on Twitter.

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