How to Handle Your First Holiday Together

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Getting to know someone is hard enough but when you throw the holidays into the mix it can be a recipe for disaster. With all the surrounding pressures, you will want to deflect as much stress as possible. Planning beforehand is essential because you do not want to have any surprises when it comes to gifts, family or travel. Below are a few ideas of how to handle your first holiday together and if you are lucky you just may be able to get through it unscathed.


Talk it Out

Everyone has their favorite and least favorite parts of the holidays. Before approaching all the different aspects sit down and hash out what it is that works for the both of you. This can include traditions, religious meanings, office party attendance and throwing your own party together. The more you are on the same page the smoother it will go.

Family Caution

We all have familial dysfunction in one form or another, the trick is to recognize it and decide how much you want that new person in your life to be exposed to it. In the past, if bringing someone home was fraught with nervous tension then you may want to skip this holiday in bringing around someone else. The last thing you need is to scare them with a Petri dish of every crazy relative in one room at the same time.

Plan Your Gifts

Depending on how long you have been dating and your financial status, it is probably best to forego surprises and find out what you both would like to exchange. If you insist on a surprise then do something romantic like a special dinner but if you go out of your way to buy something you think they will like, the chances of it backfiring can be high.


A relationship really solidifies after experiencing a trip together. If you have already had a leisurely vacation it is much different than traveling during the holidays which can be a real pressure cooker. Stay calm and upbeat as crowds, delays, and weather come into play, not to mention the possible stress of seeing his, her or your family for the first time as a couple. Plus, if you can do it, try to stay in a hotel as opposed to a relative’s home. It may seem like a snub but in the long run it will help all around as it will give you a neutral location to let your hair down without prying family members in the wings.

Have Fun and Honor One Another

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to remind someone how special they are. Going out of your way to purchase a keepsake like a personalized ornament or holiday themed jewelry will last as a sweet reminder of your first holiday together.

Overall, keep the holiday light and stress-free without get hung up on family strife or financial woes. Remaining positive will go a long way in the eyes of your significant other.

Guest poster Brittaney Madison knows how awkward it can feel to start dating someone new as the holidays are rolling around. Talk about stress! When she’s not writing about relationships, she helps others use sites like Adecco USA recruitment agency to find work.

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