How to Avoid Exam Stress and Crush Them Without Worries

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Test anxiety is real and almost everybody has gone through a similar phase, at one point or another. However, some strategies can help you overcome it with more success and crush those exams that keep you up at night. In fact, you only have to take care of several matters and he grade will take care of itself. Although this sounds too good to be true, it’s attainable. And below, we will teach you how. 

Prepare for the exam

We know this sounds straightforward and obvious but try it, at least. If you go to your exams knowing you have put time and effort in learning for those, you’re unlikely to experience anxiety and test stress as severely as you were to experience if you didn’t.

Instead of setting long-term goals like finding the perfect job in your field, try to focus on smaller objectives, like scoring the best you can at your exams. Whether we’re speaking of taking an extra MCAT class with a tutor, whether you decide to try your best on your own, everything is possible when you go in that exam fully prepared. 

When preparing for your exams, try to prioritize and organize your time as well as possible. 

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Learn how to relax before these tests

We know that relaxing previously to your exams is virtually impossible or, at least, it seems so. But there are some ways you can lay back a little and gather your forces to crash those scores. 

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And learning how to breathe is one of the best strategies you can learn when it comes to boosting your relaxation levels. Learn how to breathe properly. Even better, learn how to regulate your breath to release stress and anxiety. Deep breaths instead of shallow are the recipe for success here. 

Learn how to switch on your tunnel vision

If you’re not familiar with the notion, you should start developing tunnel vision. How does this work? Well, instead of thinking of what your peers do and letting yourself influenced by how fast they finish their tests, think of your own test. Focus on yourself exclusively, even when others seem to be mastering the exam. This isn’t about them, it’s about you and your grades. 

A change of perspective works wonders

Maybe the best way to minimize exam anxiety is understanding where a single exam fits in the grand scheme of things. Take a moment, breathe, and unless this is an acceptance exam in your grad school, you don’t have to stress about a single exam too much. You have to score decent grades. Overall, it won’t matter that much. However, for bigger acceptance exams, you do want to make sure you do your best. 

Change the way you define anxiety

What is anxiety for you? Is the accelerated heartbeat? Are the sweaty palms? Are the butterflies in your stomach? But think of the “symptoms” of excitement: sweaty palms, accelerated heartbeat, butterflies in your stomach. See, all you have to do to get rid of those nasty pre-exam feelings is to give them a new definition. To turn anxiety into excitement. 

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