Eight Characteristics of a Happy, Healthy Relationship

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We are smack dab in the middle of spring, which means we are also in the beginning of wedding season, and love seems to be in the air. For some, this can be sweet and sentimental, while for others this can be a difficult and emotional time. If your friends’ “I Do’s” are bringing a lot of questions to mind, whether about your single status or about the relationship you are in, keep some of these relationship insights in mind and be on the lookout for happy, healthy relationship characteristics. Know what you want and know when you need to walk away.

You are Always Respectful of Each Other

When there is a problem, you don’t go running to friends or co-workers to vent your frustration, or trash them on social media, you come directly to your partner to work it out. You know the importance of respect in your relationship and don’t resort to saying hurtful, disrespectful things to each other, but instead keep the conversation productive and helpful. You adhere to the golden rule and treat your partner the way that you want to be treated.

You Keep Your Own Identity

There is something to be said about being able to maintain yourself within a relationship so that you don’t lose yourself in the other person. Love the other person, but love yourself as well. And as much as you enjoy being together, you also know it’s important to be apart, doing your own things that are important to you individually.

It’s OK to be Silent


When you can just be together and not have to say anything to fill the silence, you are truly comfortable and secure with each other. The incessant need to always be saying something, to always be on, are signs that you can’t relax into that blissful state of just being together. In this sense, silence can speak louder than word. At the same time, you are able to talk to each other effortlessly about absolutely anything. You find that you enjoy talking to each other, even if it’s not really about anything.

You Make Each Other Want to be Better

A truly great relationship helps you grow and develop, and a truly great partner helps you get there. From motivating you in your career, to supporting you in your personal hobbies, your partner believes in your dreams and you in his or hers, and you encourage and motivate each other along the way. You value each other’s advice, input, and feedback and want to grow and improve.

You Can Maintain Open and Honest Communication

You aren’t afraid to speak your mind. It’s incredibly healthy to get things off your chest and to vent your thoughts and feelings. Bloggers are usually the best at this, as they write daily about what’s happening in their lives. Getting your writing online and seen by others will be beneficial for you, if you’re someone who finds opening up in person a difficult thing to do. Ideally in a healthy relationship, you should let your feelings and thoughts be known without reservations, and have a productive discussion together where both partners can speak and listen. It’s important to be heard, but it is just as important to be able to listen.


You Accept, Forgive, and Forget

However, you love and respect your partner for who they are, accepting their faults and short comings – acknowledging too that you have your own – you are not trying to change them. Furthermore, when they do fall short and disappoint, you don’t hold it over them, and you are able to let it go and move on. You never bring up the past, especially previous failures, but learn to really forgive and forget and trudge ahead.

You Live for the Little Moments

Of course you enjoy life’s biggest moments and appreciate them for what they are, but you find most of your joy in the little things. Those times that make up your normal every day, and ultimately make up your lives together. And remember to always take the time to laugh together.

You Know and Use the Golden Words

These are “I love you,” “I’m sorry” and “Thank you”. These few words can go a very long way to reminding your partner that you do not take them for granted and do indeed respect them and appreciate everything that they do for you. Ultimately, this all goes hand in hand with treating each other with kindness, care, and consideration; outside of these practices, there is no better foundation.

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