How to Practice Mindfulness & Reduce Anxiety

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Approximately 40 million American adults – ages 18 to 54 – suffer from anxiety disorders. That’s about 18 percent of the adult population. A number that just cannot be ignored.

And we have to bear in mind that this number only includes diagnosed cases. There might very well be just as many people who haven’t been diagnosed but suffer from one sort of anxiety disorder or another.

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A wide variety of factors and triggers are involved. The same thing goes for treatment. Some go for medical treatment, while others prefer dealing with anxiety without medication.

Of the latter, one of the best ways to reduce anxiety is to practice mindfulness. It’s cheap – well, it practically costs nothing. It has other benefits. Countless people testify to its effectivity.

Want to give it a try?

Here is an infographic that will give you detailed tips on how to practice mindfulness and reduce anxiety. They’re five simple tips you will want to give a shot. Even if you end up still needing therapy (medication or not), practicing mindfulness won’t do you harm.

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Need help practicing mindfulness? Here’s a list of mindfulness books that will help.

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