How to KonMari Your Finances

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The journey of mindfulness starts within. We begin by taking a look at our lives and how our thoughts translate to actions. Gaining a deep understanding about the reason we do something will give insight to how and why things fall into place in our lives.

This is true for our personal finances as well. Taking the time to look at how you think about your purchases will give you a deeper understanding of where your money is going. Many people get bogged down with debt because they are making purchases without thinking through the value it will truly bring to them.

The KonMari Method has taken the world by a storm as an insightful way to evaluate your belongings. It involves looking at your items in terms of the value and joy they bring you daily. But how did you get all these items to begin with? It can be helpful to start at the beginning and apply the KonMari Method to your purchasing habits.

No matter how much you are making, you can always make your money spark joy by simply acknowledging that the things you are spending money on are bringing you value. Something as simple as paying rent might be a big cost but will give you a roof over your head and a place to gather with friends and family. Taking this new approach will not only help relieve some of your money worries, but it will lead you to be more appreciative of the things you do have.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean being mindful about what you eat, it means being mindful of all our actions. To help you stay mindful about your finances, Lexington Law has an infographic on how to make your money spark joy with the KonMari method. It walks you through 5 steps to get your finances organized and gives tips on how to stay organized in the future.

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