The Effects of Music on Exercise [Infographic]

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Motivation is a huge factor in exercising, as the more of an incentive that we have towards achieving a fitness goal, the more likely we are to succeed. Everybody’s goals may be different and so might the techniques that are used to motivate us towards those goals.

Music can be one of the most effective exercise motivators. There are scientific studies which demonstrate that musical accompaniment to exercise typically motivates people to stick with a workout for longer.

A study in the International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology found that a person maintains exercise for an average of 37 minutes when listening to music, compared to just 22 minutes without musical accompaniment.

Many elite athletes integrate music into their training regimes, with Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps being an especially avid devotee of musical motivation. He is known for listening to a rap-centric playlist in the build-up to major events, claiming that it helps him to focus on the race and get himself fully motivated to add to his already burgeoning honours list.

Listening to music while exercising is a great way of increasing your body’s metabolism and relieving yourself of stress and fatigue. When you have a resounding tune accompanying your workout, you will naturally find an extra gear and push yourself harder, as your body enters a natural rhythm.

It can also be an excellent cognitive motivator, as your mind associates the music with positive feelings and negates the effort of the exercise. This helps to give a greater belief that you’ll accomplish what you want from the workout, intrinsically encouraging you to increase your physical output.

Find out how you can implement music into your exercise routine with tips in the infographic below from My Fitness Boutique.

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