Beat Depression With These Natural Treatments [Infographic]

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No one who has ever been clinically depressed would wish the same thing on another person. It’s a pit that has a potential to swallow you forever, and, even when it’s been treated, depressive thoughts can still come and go throughout your life.

With 350 million people in the world affected by some sort of depression, it is no wonder we are on a seemingly endless quest to find ways to cure, beat, or at least ease depression. It’s not a one-size-fits-all deal – sufferers of depression have a wide range of choices.

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For some, medication is what works. Others need only talk therapy or some other form of therapy. A combination of both usually works better.

Then there are the natural treatments which have been proven to alleviate the effects of depression.

For some people, these treatments to beat depression naturally are the only options because they don’t want to rely on medication. It does make a lot of sense, as we know nature has always been the best healer.

Tips to beat depression naturally

Below is a chart which can serve as a handy reference for you if you want to try natural treatments for depression. Some of the treatments are well-known while others may be new to you.

*It is important to take note that this list isn’t meant to replace a medical professional’s diagnosis.*

beat depression naturally


I can vouch for exercise’s healing power. It’s not always easy to get up and don my running clothes, and sometimes it feels like I’m going to die while jogging. Over time, though, there is no doubt that exercising lessens low periods.

How about you? Have you tried any of these natural treatments? Which ones do you recommend?

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