How to Be an Objective Decision Maker

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We are all decision makers. Every day, we have countless decisions to make.

Hit the snooze button or get up?

Have an extra cup of coffee at home or take one for the ride to work?

Take your usual route to work or follow Waze and hope it’s right about the traffic conditions?

There are, however, bigger decisions we have to make from time to time.

Stay with your current company or check out that potential job offer?

Buy your own condo or continue renting?

Move to another country or stay where you are?

Let go of your relationship or not?

For some, making decisions is easy – or at least, they make it look easy. Others are less decisive. They may find themselves swinging from one end of the spectrum to the other before making a decision – if they ever get there on their own.

There are many ways to go about making decisions, but one integral factor is objectivity.

When we have to make decisions, we are right in the middle of things. This makes objectivity a rare resource. Our emotions may get the best of us. We tend to dilly-dally, or worse, we jump the gun and make bad decisions.

However, when one looks at a situation from an outsider’s perspective, the decision maker has a clearer frame of mind. This, in turn, results in making better and faster decisions.

But how do you become an objective decision maker?

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Below is a graphic that gives tips on how to make decisions by minimizing the emotional factor.

Here are nine specific ways to make more objective decisions:

  1. Make a decision that appears to be objective.
  2. Set a default position from the start.
  3. Take 10 minutes to clear your mind.
  4. Reframe negatives into positives.
  5. Understand the mood you’re in.
  6. Control your love of “recency”.
  7. Get to the core of the issue.
  8. Use a structured technique.
  9. Measure everything on the same scale.

More details below.

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