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Vegetarianism is a worthy idea to consider, not because it is the fashionable thing to do, but because it does bring about a lot of benefits. I am not out to convince you to become a vegetarian. People who are actually engaged in the practice are in a better position to do that. However, I do know that one of the challenges of turning vegetarian is in finding dishes that will satisfy both the tastebuds and the appetite, while at the same time sticking to vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

Of course, you can always go for your favorite veggies and tofu, but after a while, don’t you want to try out different flavors and textures? If you cook a lot (well, let’s say enough to have to look for new recipes), and you want to make your shift to vegetarianism a tad easier, I’ve got something up my sleeve. Being vegetarian does not have to equate to less tasty food. In fact, you can have things that look (and taste) this good!

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps
Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

The secret? The right “tool”!

You can find a plethora of vegetarian recipes online, but it can take time to find the ones that you like. What can help you a lot is a one-stop shop of recipes, and one such site is Recipe Finder. What this site has to offer is simply the largest collection of recipes you can find online today. It is great because you can search for recipes as easily as you use your favorite search engine (say, Google). The big difference is that it specializes in recipes, ensuring that your search results are specific.

Oh, and there is the bonus that the site looks pretty good. Here’s a peek at the home page.

Recipe Finder Home Page
Recipe Finder Home Page

So it looks good, but how can it help vegetarians?

There is the Advanced Search feature, which allows you to narrow down your search. Let’s say that you want to discover new ways to use eggplant, and you only have 30 minutes to spare for cooking. Using this feature, you can specify those details and get very specific results.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search

You can even add more details such as the calorie count, cook time, and ingredients to exclude. You will then see results such as Eggplant Mixed Grill.

Recipe Finder also has a Menu feature, which allows users who are logged in via Facebook to create custom menus. I see this feature as a very helpful tool in planning your meals for the week. With this menu, your grocery shopping will also be more efficient! Take a look at a sample menu that I have created.

What do you say? Are you up for making eating/cooking a more pleasant experience?

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