How You Can Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

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On Saturday, April 25, a horrendous earthquake struck Nepal, the worst the country has experienced in 80 years. As with many earthquakes, aftershocks occurred, exponentially causing more damage.

You’ve probably heard and read about this horrifying news over and over again, but we can only imagine what the people of Nepal are experiencing right now.

Some facts about the Nepal earthquake

It sometimes is easy to only feel sympathy for victims, but with these facts, I hope we go one step further, empathize with them, and do something to help them.

  • More than 4,000 confirmed deaths and 6,500 injured; these numbers are sure to go up in the ensuing days
  • An avalanche occurred on Mount Everest, with probably hundreds still buried under the snow and rubble; more avalanches are expected to occur
  • The people of the capital, Katmandu, is particularly suffering from the effects of the quake.
  • The Nepal earthquake was 22 times more powerful than the one that recently flattened Haiti.
  • Nepal is mostly a poor country, with people barely eking out a living.

Bottom line: the victims of the Nepal earthquake are people just like you and me, facing a dire situation. They need more than us feeling sorry for them.

How to help Nepal earthquake victims

There are many ways we can help the Nepal earthquake victims, wherever in the world we are.

Some initiatives that you can reach out to:

GlobalGiving’s Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
The organization is collecting emergency supplies, including food, water, and shelter. They are collaborating with local non-profits in Nepal to ensure distribution. You can read more about their efforts, as well as donate here.

Red Cross
The Red Cross is always on hand for disaster relief assistance and is one of the most reliable organizations to donate to. Aside from providing basic necessities, the Nepal Red Cross Society is also providing first aid, search and rescue, and other emergency medical facilities (which are to be improved in the following days) in tandem with the American Red Cross. They’ve also set up a site to find missing persons. For donations and more information, visit the American Red Cross.

Countless children are suffering from the earthquake as well, and UNICEF is focusing its relief efforts on these blessed souls. The organization is helping out with about 120 tons of relief goods, which will be airlifted to Katmandu and distributed to the approximately 1 million children in Nepal who need help. They are continuously putting together more goods, and you can still help. Visit their page to learn more and help.

Save the Children
Another organization that is focusing its relief efforts on children has set up a dedicated initiative, “Nepal Earthquake Children’s Relief Fund”. From the page:

Your support will help us protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families.Ten percent of your contribution will be used to help us prepare for the next emergency. Nobody knows when the next crisis will strike, but your support helps Save the Children provide assistance in the critical first hours and days of an emergency when children need us most.

Help save the children of Nepal here.

International Medical Corps

how to help nepal earthquake victims

IMC is focused on mobilizing emergency reponse teams, which have mobile medical units so that they can provide care to those who are in critical condition. They have partnered up with Facebook for donations. You’ll see a banner at the top of your Facebook page where you can donate any amount you want.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
The well-respected organization has sent eight teams to Nepal. The teams will include surgeons, doctors, and non-medical teams to provide medical assistance as well as distribute emergency supplies. You can give your donations here.

Lutheran World Relief
This organization works all year round in many different countries, helping to alleviate poverty in sustainable ways. They also provide quick disaster reponse assistance when needed. The LWF is immediately shipping 9,240 quilts and 1,000 personal care kits as well as 100 water filtration units. To help them give more, you can donate here.

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