Gifts That Are Actually Useful for New Parents

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Being a new parent is challenging on so many levels. Physically, you have to be up and with the baby all the time, and if you’re the mom, you’re still recovering from childbirth. Mentally, you need to be stable under stress and adjust to the idea of having a kid.

Financially, you have to buy baby necessities and equipment which can end up costing a lot of money. People can’t really help on the first two fronts, but they can aid new parents with actually practical gifts that they’ll love and use every day. If you want to help new parents adjust to their little one, definitely add these items to the gift list.

1. A baby monitor

It isn’t always possible or needed to be with the little one. When they go to sleep, for example, you can’t stay next to them the whole time just to make sure nothing’s wrong. Sleeping alone will help the baby grow into a more confident and independent person later, too.

Still, the parents want to be prepared for cries of help. This is why a baby monitor comes in handy. They’ll be able to know exactly when to feed the baby, give them attention, or just pick them up when they’ve got a handy monitor to do the work for them. They’ll be able to freely rest, unwind, and lower some stress without having to worry or keep checking on the baby.

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2. A baby memory book

Everyone knows that this is the sweetest and most cherished period of the new parents’ life. This is especially true if this is their first kid. To help them keep their memories, you can gift them a baby memory book.

Here, they’ll be able to write down all of their favourite memories as well as basic information about the baby. They also have the option of printing out baby pictures and preserving them the old fashioned way. If you’re feeling creative, you can even create the memory book yourself.

3. A car seat

If you’re looking to really impress the new parents, buy them a car seat. This is a highly useful gift for newborns, but it will be just as useful as the baby grows. When they’re small, the parents will need to drive the baby to doctors’ appointments almost weekly. For this to be possible, the baby needs to be safe and secure in the car at all times. 

Having a car seat when they’re older means that the baby won’t make a mess in the backseat as soon as the parents turn their attention to the road. The car seat will keep them snug and comfy, and let them enjoy the ride. There are a lot of available models online, so it might be confusing finding the right fit. It’s best to consult the parents about their preferences before you make your purchase. 

4. Baby Rattles

No matter how cute they are, babies are fussy creatures. That’s why toys are much-needed and highly-appreciated. After a while, you simply run out of ideas on how to distract the baby from crying on your own. Baby rattles are thus excellent choices for gifts, as they grab the baby’s attention right away. Even though they seem very simple to us, it’s like discovering a whole new world for the baby.

You can’t get just any rattle, though. It’s best to find cute and animal-shaped ones so that the baby can have even more to play with. When they grow a little older, they’ll love discovering new shapes and colours. Quality baby rattles are conveniently available in any online baby gift shop, making them the easiest to shop for. 

5. Blankets 

Swaddling the baby is easy work when you’ve got a soft and comfy blanket to work with. Of course, new parents will need more than one blanket as the baby isn’t exactly tidy. That’s why you can help by getting them the softest and warmest blanket you can find. Babies also tend to get emotionally attached to their blankies, so you can potentially be gifting them a friend for life. This can greatly help with their emotional development.

What’s more, there are plenty of choices. You can go for simple blankets with only one colour, or you can choose one with elaborate patterns and colour schemes. In some places, you can even create your own, custom, blanket, thus truly devoting it to the baby. 


If you really want to make a difference in the life of new parents, you won’t hesitate about buying any of the items on the list. Most of the conventional gifts that parents get just end up collecting dust and they need to spend even more money buying things that the baby really needs. Save them the trouble and the money by getting it right the first time. As well as that, this will be a great way to show them how much you care. 

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