Dream Journal Templates to Help Spark Creativity and Success

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Sleeping gives your body a chance to rest and gives your mind a chance to dream. Whether you remember your dreams or not, they hold a lot of importance in how we process daily events and store long-term memory.

You may have dreams where you’re falling, your embarrassed, or maybe even flying. Other dreams aren’t as pleasant, but the ones that are, leave us wanting so much more. While there is no exact science to interpreting your dreams, there are lots of ways to use the patterns and emotions you experience.

Dream journaling is one way to track your dreams and express yourself in writing. These printable dream journal templates created by The Sleep Advisor will help you start your dream journal practice. These templates are designed to help you record your dreams and attempt to make sense of what they might mean. These guided questions will take you through the aspects of your dream so that you can recall as many details as possible.

These dream journal templates also include some fun ways to spark creativity and manifest success. The creative template prompts you to get artsy and draw or paint emotions and visuals from your dreams. The success template leads you to define your goals, acknowledge fears, and set intentions for your nightly slumber.

Place these printable templates by your bed with a pen and whenever you awake from sleeping, jot down as much as you can. Look for patterns and do your best to break down what happens in your dreams.

Dreams, as abstract and random as they may seem, are critical to our well-being. You never know when a dream may hold a solution to a problem you’re facing. Get in touch with your dreams and reconnect with yourself. Get cozy and open your mind to the possibilities!

Get dream journal templates here.

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