5 Songs to Cope With Change

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Change is constant. Sometimes we don’t see it coming, and it hits us like a truck coming out of nowhere. Sometimes, though, we see hints along the way; but even though we do see change coming, when it actually does, things still are not easy.

Whatever change it is that might come your way – or maybe you’re facing one right now, you will probably need all the support that you can get. Everyone says change is good and that we should embrace it, but for some people, change equates to challenge, and if that’s you, and you draw strength and inspiration from music, here are some of the best songs to cope with change.

Man in the Mirror

This song by Michael Jackson is perhaps one of the most empowering, inspiring songs to listen to when you’re in the midst of change. Not only do the words support you, the melody and beat also uplift you.

Things Have Changed

I’ve always found Bob Dylan’s songwriting to be beautiful, and while some may say he can’t really sing, I beg to disagree. This song about things having changed and how he’s dealing with it is a good upbeat piece with deep lyrics.

I’m Moving On

A haunting yet empowering song by Rascal Flatts, I’m Moving On is perfect for when you need a little more support to face whatever changes have come your way – and to follow through with your decision(s).

A Change Would Do You Good

Sheryl Crow’s song about change gives you that extra push to do something. Even if change is not there yet, and you know in your mind that you need to go there, then listening to this song might help you.

Stuck in a Moment

U2’s hit, Stuck in a Moment, tells you to get off your butt and get unstuck. Call it tough love if you will.

Whatever your situation may be right now, remember that you’re not alone.

Do you have go-to songs for when change is looming or right smack in your face? Share them in the comments below.

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