What Can Your Dreams Tell You?

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The places we journey in our minds at night can tell us a lot about ourselves, our aspirations, our fears and so much more. Dreaming alone can teach us a lot when we’re awake. They make us face the realities of our own impermanence, the benefits of having an open mind and the importance of letting go of our worries.

However, there are many things we can learn while we’re in our dreams. The symbols we see and the things we experience can allude to bigger things we’re facing (or not facing) while we’re awake. Being aware of what our minds, our bodies and the universe is telling us can help keep us grounded with both our intentions and the path we’re meant to take.

Dream Journal Templates to Help Spark Creativity and Success

Understanding our dreams is also a great way to reflect on ourselves and where we’re at at the moment. For example, being unable to speak in a dream means that we have something we really want to say, but can’t say it. On the other hand, dreaming of being pregnant could mean that you’re experiencing new beginnings or assuming more responsibility in your life.

To start diving into the world of dream interpretation, Casper put together this visual guide of common symbols in dreams and their meanings. Take a look below to see your dreams might be trying to tell you.

dream meanings infographic

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