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We spend a lot of time reading and perhaps watching about virtues we want to imbibe and instill in our children; and there certainly is no lack of material circulating online, in brick-and-mortar bookstores, and other media.

Kindness, in particular, is one topic that is written about all the time. In this world where it is easy to look inward and forget others, this is not a surprise. We all need to be reminded of the power of kindness.

However, more than reading and being reminded of the spiritual aspect of kindness, what we want here at The Daily Mind is to contribute to turning the abstract into the practical world, hence our eBook title Mindfulness in Action: Everyday Acts of Kindness.

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You may be thinking that there is a plethora of articles on this topic online – and you are right. That is why we did our best to come up with something different. Something more personal that shares bits of our lives with you, in the hopes that you will feel the full impact that everyday acts of kindness can make – in your life as well as others.

This eBook is the product of deep introspection and recollection of personal experiences. We hope that you’ll find a deeper meaning in the word “kindness” and bring it to life in the real world – as we have.

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everday Acts of Kindness

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