How to Fully Embrace Yourself For Who You Are

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We all have our own set of insecurities. No matter how confident you may or may not feel about yourself, there are no doubt some days when we all feel a little less than great about ourselves.

As self-confidence seems to be something that we have to work on from time to time, there are ways that we can help ditch the negative thinking and learn to love and embrace ourselves for exactly who we are. 

Recognize All That Makes You Unique

Like everybody else in the world, you have a unique set of characteristics and personality traits. In order to fully embrace who you are, it’s key that you recognize all that makes you, you. Whether it’s a love for comic books, a passion for makeup or an appreciation of poetry, if you recognize everything that makes you special and different, loving yourself for who you are will be much easier.

Once you recognize the interests and traits that make you special, it’s important that you capitalize on that. If you’re someone who loves art, make sure that you take the time to indulge and attend an art show or make time to create your own art. Surrounding yourself with the things and hobbies that make you the happiest will only make you the happiest version of yourself. 

Own Your Flaws 

Despite appearances, nobody is perfect. While some of us have more perfectionist habits than others, we all have flaws or things that we wish we could change about ourselves. While there could be some imperfections you wish you could change, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being imperfect. The best way to accept your flaws is to simply own them.

The next time you feel like you’re being too sensitive, recognize it and own it for what it is. The key is to recognize your flaws and turn them into actual positive traits. For example, if you feel like you don’t have the greatest sense of humor, recognize the other wonderful traits you have that can compensate for it. If you own everything that you love about yourself along with everything you don’t love about yourself, embracing all of who you are will be much easier. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Things

What can be a better statement for celebrating who you are than by showing it off? The next time you’re ready for a change, dare to do something different and make a bold statement. Next time you’re getting ready for work or a night out with the girls, skip the neutral colors and incorporate bold bright colors into your outfit. A bright yellow sweater or neon shoes will make you and your outfit memorable for days. Ever wanted to see what you would look like with pink or purple hair?

Next time you’re feeling bored with your look, try out a coloring conditioner for your hair and show it off to the world! If you want to spice up your makeup look, simply changing the color of your eyeliner to a bright blue or purple can be enough to make a noticeable difference. Whether it’s through your outfit, your hair or even a bold makeup look, doing something different is a great way to show yourself and the people around you that you’re unafraid to take risks. 

Change Your Way of Thinking

Along with making sure you recognize all of your flaws, another imperative step in fully embracing you for you is to use only positive thinking. While it’s impossible to think positively all the time as we all have days when we’re feeling down in the dumps, it’s important to find coping mechanisms to help ease negative thinking. You can use spring and the popular trend of spring cleaning to spring clean the mind which helps give you a fresh start while freeing your mind of clutter and negative thinking.

Another important step is to surround yourself with only the best people. If you surround yourself with people who only spread negative vibes, it’s no surprise that you’re going to have negative thinking. If you spend time with those who uplift you and make you feel your best, you’ll only show off your best and truest self. 

As positive thinking is something that can take time to instill, another helpful way is to practice positive affirmations. You can choose to say them aloud to yourself in the morning or simply write them down and repeat them in your head. What’s nice about affirmations is you can customize them as much as you want too.

You can make your affirmations to focus on a specific area in your life that you want to improve. Whether it’s your work, your current relationships or just the relationship you have with yourself, you can individualize your affirmations to help you in whatever area of your life you desire. 

Achieving simple things such as these will put you on the right track to self-love and fully loving yourself for who you are. 

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