Energy Savings Plan for the Spiritual Empath

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Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? Does the suffering of others cause you pain? Do you dedicate yourself to helping others but are too tired to enjoy your life? If so, you may be experiencing empathetic exhaustion!

I am an empath—and a medium. I provide help for people who are grieving and brokenhearted.  The work and all the emotion that comes with it can be exhausting. However, through the years, I’ve developed ways to build, preserve and conserve the energy required to do my work while protecting my personal energy and space. If I can do this successfully, so can you!

Here are 5 steps to enact your personal energy savings plan:

1. Pay attention—Notice how you feel in a variety of situations and during different times of day.

Are there people and kinds of conversations which leave you feeling zapped of energy? Do your friends, coworkers, or clients feel better after being with you, but you need a nap after spending time with them? How do you feel when you take a walk in the park? Or listen to music?

It may be helpful to write down your observations without making judgments about people or situations. This way you can track the flow of energy in your life—where it comes from and where it goes. These notes are like the bill you get each month from the power company, which breaks down energy usage by day. Much of what you pay for the energy that powers your lights, you pay a personal energy cost for what you expend, if it isn’t being replenished. 

One of the ways you can help equalize what goes out with what comes in is to:

2. Stay grounded—Be present in your body and connected to the energy of Earth.

This concept can be difficult, especially for people who work with spirit energies and are pursuing a spiritual path. The false comparison of Earth = bad and Spirit = good leads many to assume that being connected to the earth interferes with their ability to do spiritual work.  In my experience, the opposite is true. 

One of the easiest ways to get grounded is to stand and walk consciously. Allow yourself to feel the magnetic energy of the planet, the sand between your toes, your hands in the dirt of a garden.  If you have an energy-intensive workday, try walking through a park on the way to a meeting, or stand at the base of a tree before heading back to the office.

3. Set boundaries—Prevent energy leaks.

The energy field around us (the aura) is a protective barrier and a personal energy container. Therefore, it is important to nurture and strengthen it.  Every intention to strengthen the body and mind also strengthens the aura. The aura responds to thought, so pay attention to your self-talk. Positive thoughts build up the aura, negative thoughts including those which are fearful and self-blaming can weaken the aura, allowing it to spring an energy leak. In addition, a simple meditation such as envisioning yourself walking through the world in a human-sized hamster ball can help repair your aura. 

4. Be empowered—Let go of feeling victimized.

Only you are responsible for your energy and how it is spent. Be proactive about where you spend it and who you spend it with.

Ask your higher self, your loved ones in spirit, guides and angels for how and where you can serve rather than answering all demands on your energy and time. Give yourself permission to say NO (in the nicest possible way).

As a medium, I am very clear about how many events and private sessions I can do in a day, a week, or a month. Doing what you do best in a limited and targeted way impacts people and the earth more powerfully than a scattershot approach ever could.

5. Seek reciprocity—Be willing to receive as you give.

This step may be hard for someone who is a spiritual empath. If you consider yourself a giver, a healer, a person with a higher purpose, chances are that you give without thoughts of receiving something in return. This final energy saving step isn’t about changing your personality or your life’s purpose. But it is about allowing yourself to receive. Find other people who are givers as well and surround yourself with them. This way all of you are empowering one another with love—and that is the biggest energy boost of all!

About the author:

Hollister Rand has provided detailed messages from spirits for more than 25 years. Her book Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask (published by Beyond Words Publishing/Atria Books) is organized in an easy-to-use Q&A format, tackling the most common questions about life after death. Her work on television includes Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and America Now. Hollister’s radio appearances include Sirius XM’s John Edward Psychic Radio, KOST FM’s Angels in Waiting, KBIG 104’s Radio Medium and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. During her marriage to college sweetheart and fellow medium, James Van Praagh, Hollister’s passion for spirit communication blossomed. Following their divorce, Hollister expanded her dedication to the healing work of mediumship with events and workshops in the US and abroad. It has been her honor to work with respected mediums including Robert Brown and John Edward. Hollister lives in Los Angeles with her impossibly small and very loving rescue Chihuahuas, Bodhi and Amara.

Learn more about Hollister Rand by visiting her website at

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