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We are happy to give the heads up to TDM readers on free healing sessions from home, being offered by Healing Hotels of the World.

Our global network of beautiful and highly accomplished healers, holistic practitioners, psychologists and coaches offer to share their healing powers with you. Together with them, you will be able to step into new perspectives, find your inner balance and move from anxiousness and fear to positivity and strength. 
We will be following each of the teachers here at TDM, and giving you, our readers, our tips and suggestions…
In the meantime, here is Dr. Petra Müller-Rupprecht, a Physician, a specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy and additionally has degrees as a Psychoanalyst and Homeopath. She is working as a head physician and has developed her own concept for coaching using all the tools she gained during her intensive studies concerning Eastern and Western Philosophy, Astrology, Shamanism and many more.
For more details on the free healing courses, please contact Healing Hotels of the World.


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