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5 Yoga Poses to Unwind the Spine

The spine is capable of different movements, such as flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation, and axial extension. Practicing these different movements is the key to a hydrated and mobile spine, good posture, and a well-functioning nervous system. Different yoga postures provide different benefits, but most (if not all of them) help relieve back pain and […]

Tuesday Teachers: The Way of Liberation by Adyashanti

One of Daily Mind‘s all time favourite spiritual teachers is Adyashanti. His honest, almost brutal, approach in helping us understand that it us, not the teacher, that is responsible for our own awakening, our own enlightenment, our own awareness of the true reality, God. To read (for free) Adyashanti’s “The Way of Liberation“, please visit […]

Monday Meditation: Embracing Curiosity

The mind likes to latch onto a negative thought, and spin stories about it. As a result, we end up getting lost in a narrative filled grief, anxiety, and pain. However, practicing genuine curiosity about your thoughts can bring about feelings of calm. Try this meditation below.


Monday Meditation: Self-Love

In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, taking care of yourself may be the least of your priorities. Setting aside a few minutes for meditation is a good way to start practicing self-care and self-love. Below is a meditation to help you invite more feelings of love, joy, and gratitude in your everyday life.

Communicating Peace During COVID-19 [VIDEO]

Some of the wisest mindfulness teachers are offering guidance and help during these difficult times. One such master, Rupert Spira, teacher of the “direct path“, the neoadvaita method, spiritual self enquiry and the essence of non-duality, recently took questions from Daily Minders:   For more information, and to follow Rupert, please subscribe to his YouTube […]


Relax and Unwind With This Mindfulness Meditation

Taking a few minutes to meditate can calm the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you feel more centered. Practice this short and simple mindfulness meditation. All you will need is a cushion or a yoga mat, a quiet space, and a few minutes of your time.

Free Healing Sessions From Home

We are happy to give the heads up to TDM readers on free healing sessions from home, being offered by Healing Hotels of the World. Our global network of beautiful and highly accomplished healers, holistic practitioners, psychologists and coaches offer to share their healing powers with you. Together with them, you will be able to […]

5 Yin Yoga Poses To Help Calm Anxiety During Quarantine

Nowadays, staying at home can bring about feelings of grief, anxiety, and isolation. Luckily, the slow-paced, quiet practice of yin yoga can help you embrace the quietude, and restore ease and energy back into your body, and plant good intentions in the mind. Here are 5 postures you can do at home, in bed or […]


6 Simple Ways You Can Practice Mindfulness During Home Renovations

Renovating your home can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. As you prepare to break ground, you’ll have to make a lot of important decisions that will require you to be thoughtful and deliberate in your thinking. Unfortunately, with so much happening at once, it can be hard to focus on the present and remain […]

Aging Well: 3 Tips To Help Your Body And Mind Age Mindfully

We all get older— it’s a fact of life if you’re lucky enough to experience it. Very few people realize that we possess the power to control how we grow and change, both physically and mentally, and that the things we do now will affect our quality of life in the future. Mindful aging means […]