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4 Simple Strategies to Cope With Lockdown Isolation

Our lives were changed in an instant when the pandemic COVID-19 hit the world. Young or old, single or married, working or jobless – nobody was spared. Without a cure or vaccine yet in sight and the weeks of isolation in our homes stretching longer than we ever imagined, it is only natural that so […]

STRESS SMACKDOWN: How to Create Calm Despite COVID-19 Chaos

Being quarantined during a global pandemic is not how most of us envisioned spending our spring! Rather, we were planning fun vacations, preparing for long-awaited graduations or weddings, or just excitedly getting out of our winter confinement. Instead, we find ourselves amidst a medical, economic, and mental health crisis all rolled into one. Can you […]

Energy Savings Plan for the Spiritual Empath

Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? Does the suffering of others cause you pain? Do you dedicate yourself to helping others but are too tired to enjoy your life? If so, you may be experiencing empathetic exhaustion! I am an empath—and a medium. I provide help for people who are grieving and brokenhearted.  The […]


Free Healing Sessions From Home

We are happy to give the heads up to TDM readers on free healing sessions from home, being offered by Healing Hotels of the World. Our global network of beautiful and highly accomplished healers, holistic practitioners, psychologists and coaches offer to share their healing powers with you. Together with them, you will be able to […]

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Quarantine

There are times in life when keeping a positive outlook truly is a challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic sure is one of those moments. Not only is the world faced with a major global health crisis, but we’re also witnessing economic consequences and prevailing uncertainty. Combined with the fact that most people are either self-isolating or […]


Self-Care While Staying at Home During the Lockdown

One gift of the being at home bound during the lockdown, aside from the Earth healing & cleansing itself, is the idea of self-care especially for those who are in a state of burn-out but still wouldn’t find the time. Below are some tips, choose to come from a space of self-nurturing rather than doing […]

How Can CBD Help Your Sleep Cycle

There is no denying that the CBD industry is booming right now. More and more people every day are hearing about CBD in form or another. Whether it be from a friend or a family member, or simply browsing through their local grocery store, it seems as if CBD is everywhere. More and more people […]

One Man’s Story: From Anti-Social to Social

I find that it’s always good to start from the beginning and say what I am in order to inform what I am not. I am an autistic social worker, author, and motivational speaker from Derry City in Ireland’s northwest. Like many autistic children, I went through mainstream school, and compared to everyone else, I […]


A Path to Wellbeing: The Growing World of Gardening Therapy

Gardening has been present in human life for thousands of years. Once mostly observed as a source of food, today its benefits are considered wider and more significant. This leads to gardening therapy, as a means that can improve physical and mental health. Right now, gardening therapy is more important than ever. The cities are […]

If You Don’t Like Big Weddings: Here’s How to Go Micro

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need” – Vernon Howard So the big day has arrived and you’re walking down the aisle in the wedding dress of your dreams. But instead of being present in the moment, all you can think about is the hundreds of […]