Articles written by Noemi Tasarra-Twigg

How to Have a Zero Waste Home

In recent times, we have really seen a rise in awareness about issues surrounding climate change. This has really been brought to the fore by campaigners such as the teenager Greta Thunberg but also because we are witnessing many worrying changes in our weather patterns. This has spurred people into action because it’s the right […]

Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep Better

There’s a lot of science backing up the claims about how essential oils can help you to sleep better. Which is great in a time where many people have trouble getting to sleep at night. While there are many different medications available on the market to help you get to sleep at night many of […]

The Secrets to Power Napping

Power napping can help you conquer the day! Taking a short 20-minute siesta will refresh the mind and recharge the body to process complex information, decrease stress and accomplish the most rigorous of to-do lists.

How to Have a Sustainable Holiday Season

The holidays are a joyful time of year. We all have different traditions and ways we celebrate. Unfortunately, some of these habits are creating unnecessary waste. Stanford University reports that 25% more trash is thrown away during the holiday season the spans from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  This waste includes everything from uneaten food […]

5 Herbal Remedies to Relieve Anxiety

Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety, and too often, pharmaceutical intervention is considered the first step in treatment. More and more people, however, are choosing to take control of their own health and wellness by choosing more natural remedies. Non-drug anxiety interventions like yoga, meditation, and herbs can offer you effective anxiety management more holistically […]

Successful People’s Favourite Places

Everyone has their favourite place in the world. A place where you feel safe or inspired. A place where you feel calm or energised. What about the people who have gone on to change or influence the lives of millions of people? We hold these people up to the point where they almost become mythical […]

Life Lessons From Famous Mothers in Art History

Throughout history, countless female artists and writers have blazed their own trail and impacted our society for the better with their artistic contributions. With Mother’s Day around the corner, there’s no better time to celebrate the legacies of female creatives.

A Tribute to All Women: “Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know”

I normally don’t buy into the “things you should know/have by the time you’re [age]” articles. They were (are?) a trend, and I don’t believe they apply to everyone. While a sensible person would know that, it seems to me that those kinds of articles tend to put unnecessary pressure on some people. Today, however, […]

It’s Okay to Quit Sometimes

No one likes a quitter. Never give up. The chances are you grew up with these tenets. We’re taught to keep our eyes on the prize, to persevere until we reach our goals, and that giving up is not an option. But guess what? Sometimes, it’s okay to quit. Depending on the circumstances, giving up […]

The Mindfulness Struggle

We should be mindful. We should seek ways to achieve mindfulness. Mindfulness boosts health – both mentally and physically. We read and hear this everywhere. What isn’t always clear is that how much of a struggle it can be to be mindful.