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Transform Your Career & Life By Mastering Authentic Networking [COURSE]

Have you been wanting to propel your career and yet you seem to have gotten stuck? You’re not alone. Most of us find ourselves in this situation at one point or another. What we may miss, however, is one simple element: authentic networking. And that means authentic relationships that can transform your life – and […]

Create Your Extraordinary Life With Lifebook [Course]

Have you been dreaming of THE life you want and somehow not been able to turn that dream into reality? There is no need to keep dreaming and simply waiting. With Lifebook Online, you can envision and create the life you have been dreaming of.

Why and How to Be Still

In this modern and always-connected world, it’s become a challenge to be still. Being still, you see, is more than just not talking or not moving. But even without talk and motion, our media-laden world has deprived us of opportunities to be still, albeit with our consent. Left alone, we’re on the internet, fingers on […]


5 Tips To Increase Your Sense Of Purpose (And Why It Matters)

It not easy finding a sense of purpose. Even if we have everything going for us, like a good career, a loving spouse, good kids, a home, a car… You get the picture – having a picture-perfect life doesn’t guarantee that we will have a sense of purpose. Feeling lost is normal and is pretty […]

The Psychology of Dressing Successfully

Clothing is incredibly important. It doesn’t matter whether you’re someone who wears Armani suits or is comfortable going out in sports gear, the clothes you wear speak volumes about the type of person you are. This is true not only in social situations, but also in business ones, when what you’re wearing will give an […]


How to Plan For a Successful Future

There is no crystal ball for predicting the future, but one thing is for certain— it is bound to come and change things. Merely thinking about this, we often feel a mix of fear and excitement. Still, there is much we can do to maximize the chances of living the kind of life we want.

My 5 Personal Best TED Talks

It’s almost impossible to pick the best TED talks because there are so many great ones. TED talks are opportunities for learning and sources of inspiration. The top TED talks are based on categories since the topics are extremely diverse. I have picked a few of them because they appealed to my desire for self-improvement.

10 Books to Help You Break Bad Habits

The problem with bad habits is they’re not easy to shake off. Ask the smoker, the overeater, the couch potato, or the social media addict. Bad habits can also be attitudes – negativism, procrastination, envy, etc. We all know that these types of behaviors can strain if not outright destroy relationships, at work and in […]


5 ways to turn your stress into success

There’s no doubt about it – stress is very much on the increase in today’s world. Indeed, according to the American Psychological Association, most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress, with 44% reporting that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. Statistics show that the top five causes of stress […]