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Funny Work Quotes to Lighten Up Your Day

You may be living your dream, but sometimes, work can get to you. It’s quite a natural thing, especially during these times when the world is seemingly on fire. Literally. You may not feel that overwhelming desire to sit at your desk – whether at home or in the office – and get the day’s […]

Quotes About Procrastination: Break the Habit

Procrastination is the biggest obstacle to success. As I say this, I must admit that I’m guilty of it. I have this bad habit of postponing action on tasks that needed to be done yesterday, or a week or month ago. That’s why quotes about procrastination are very useful. I read them to motivate me […]

15 Quotes About Suicide

Every year in September, the United States observes National Suicide Prevention Week, a campaign to spread awareness about this social ill, its prevention, and the warning signs. It aims to promote a better understanding of suicide to the general public with a view to erasing the stigma associated with it, encouraging people to seek mental […]


Creativity Quotes for When You Hit Roadblocks

Whether you’re in a creative rut or looking to start a new project, finding inspiration and encouraging words is key. It can be from a friend or coworker, but the right words are often enough to make that idea click. That’s why it can be helpful to hear from the greats themselves for inspiration. With these creativity […]

15 Quotes About Rejection That Will Give You Strength

rejection –the act of refusing to accept, use, or believe someone or something: The government’s rejection of the plans is a setback for us. –a letter, etc. that tells you that you have not been successful in getting a job, a place on a course of study, etc.: I’ve applied for ten jobs, but I’ve […]


10 Personal Motivational Mantras for a Better You

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln The mind is a powerful tool, and most of our life issues can be conquered by training the mind. One of the ways we can train our mind is to identify mantras which can change the way we see […]

10 Quotes About Letting Go

Sometimes, there’s nothing else to do but to let go. There’s nothing else to say, even if you feel like there is. If something’s holding you back, here are inspirational quotes about letting go, which may also give you the courage that you need.

25 Inspiring Meditation Quotes to Help You Find Your Balance

Many people perceive meditation as sitting down in a cross-legged position with arms on your knees – you know the picture. Then there’s the chanting that usually accompanies the practice. In reality, there are many ways we can meditate. There is truth in the stereotype, but the scope and depth is much more. If you’re […]


Judgement Quotes That Will Keep You Grounded

Passing judgement on other people is – sad to say – easy. When it’s the other way around, the story becomes totally different, doesn’t it? Let’s be realistic. There is no lack of judgemental people on this planet, and sometimes, we add to that number. That is why I’m publishing another post about judgement quotes […]

More Quotes for a Healthy Relationship

As the “day of love” comes nearer, most couples are likely in the throes of planning something special to celebrate their relationship. While celebrating on this special – albeit Hallmark – holiday is a great thing, I think it is more important to have a healthy relationship on a daily basis. One highlight a year […]