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Can Aromatherapy Heal?

You may hear the word aromatherapy and think of rooms filled with incense and healing crystals. Or you may have heard “outrageous” claims about the power of essential oils to cure everything from gout to cancer.

Benefits of Essential Oils: 10 Natural Ways to Heal Yourself

Essential oils offer many benefits to your emotional, mental, but also physical health. Add their pleasant smell to the equation, and you’ll realize there’s no reason not to turn to these wonderful essential oils for pleasure, but also for a natural healing aid. Here are ten essential oils that can help improve your wellness and […]

Mindfulness: Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Ever since the fitness industry started blooming, there has been a surge in awareness as to what we should eat and how much we should kick our sedentary lifestyle goodbye. However, the third, equally essential pillar of health and vitality is often overlooked in these health plans – sleep!

Aromatherapy to Help Induce Sleep

Aromatherapy — the use of scents to help treat ailments — has been used for centuries and is a viable option for anyone who wants to try a natural treatment before jumping into something more serious. When it comes to sleep, many people have trouble getting a good nights rest. Whether they’re unable to initially […]

How to Make Incense with Fresh Flowers and Herbs

There are hundreds of ways to relax and unwind after a long day. You can sip some tea, take a stroll outside and place some incense inside your home. Filling our space with the right smells can have a relaxing effect on us. Lavender and chamomile, for example, are said to help us sleep.