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How to Begin Exercising When Depression is Weighing You Down

Do you know what it’s like to feel depressed? If not, let me try to describe it for you (this is my account, though, and it may be different for another person who also goes through it). You wake up tired. Your body hurts all over, especially your joints and muscles. It’s like the flu […]

How to Manage and Get Over Analysis Paralysis

“Progress, not perfection,” I remember hearing this in the Denzel Washington film, “The Equalizer.” It has stuck with me since and, while the thought is comforting, it is actually very hard for me to digest. You see, I grew up a perfectionist. I’m still a bit of a perfectionist now. I am diagnosed with Obsessive […]


5 Yin Yoga Poses To Help Calm Anxiety During Quarantine

Nowadays, staying at home can bring about feelings of grief, anxiety, and isolation. Luckily, the slow-paced, quiet practice of yin yoga can help you embrace the quietude, and restore ease and energy back into your body, and plant good intentions in the mind. Here are 5 postures you can do at home, in bed or […]


How Yoga Helps To Reduce Anxiety

In our daily life, it is reasonable to feel anxious sometimes. Anxiety is a common emotion that is often healthy for a person. It is a state that is induced in both humans and animals for survival. With anxiety, early humans developed a way to respond to any possible threats they may encounter.

Sleep Tips For People Who Suffer From Anxiety

One of the worst feelings is lying awake at night consumed by anxious thoughts as you watch the time pass hour by hour, unable to get the restful sleep you deserve. Over 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety, and whether you know it or not, it can be negatively impacting your quality of sleep. 

What Leads to Anxiety Disorders?

One in five Americans has experienced an anxiety disorder in the past year.  Given how very common anxiety disorders are, the discomfort they cause, and the degree to which they can impair quality of life, it’s not surprising that there has been a great deal of work in trying to understand where they come from, […]


Best Food for Anxiety

Did you know that your gut is actually a type of “second” brain? This is because what we eat has a direct effect on the way the rest of our body feels. It makes sense, the gut is where we absorb nutrients from our food, including around 95 percent of the total serotonin the body […]

5 Herbal Remedies to Relieve Anxiety

Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety, and too often, pharmaceutical intervention is considered the first step in treatment. More and more people, however, are choosing to take control of their own health and wellness by choosing more natural remedies. Non-drug anxiety interventions like yoga, meditation, and herbs can offer you effective anxiety management more holistically […]