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iPod Shuffle

Okay time for a bit of prize winning fun! I am giving away a FREE iPod Shuffle to one lucky subscriber to celebrate The Daily Mind’s 150th post.

How to Enter:
There are two simple steps you have to follow to win the free iPod:

1. Subscribe to The Daily Mind by email before Friday the 17th of October. Just enter your email address here:

Enter your email:

2. Leave a comment on ANY post on the blog using the same email address you entered above.

Once you have completed both steps you will go into the draw to win the iPod Shuffle. Simple as that. The winner will be drawn on Friday the 17th by random number selection! Good luck!

21 thoughts on “Win a Free iPod Shuffle – Email Subscriber Contest

  1. You know you will get a **load of subscribers who really don’t care about the blog itself, right?

    I’ve been reading your blog through an RSS feed for a while now and find it pretty interesting. Up until now I hadn’t registered because I get the updates anyway … but today I did 😉

  2. Hi Wendy. Thanks for posting your first couple of comments today – the one on the “fear” post was awesome.

    I reckon you might be right about the subscribers. But perhaps some who subscribe for the contest might stick around after seeing something they like?


  3. Boy, a nice new iPod would be nice. I did get here through interest in this type of blog though. Seems similar to So far, I have found some interesting stuff here.

  4. Hi Daily Minder,

    Wonderful idea for a contest – hope you get a lot of new subscribers and many more comments.

    Have been following your post for a while now. Appreciate the reminders to slow down, be present, take it easy.


  5. I stumbled on your site – signed up for the ipod – but will add you to my feed reader as well. Looks really interesting

  6. Hey thanks, have been a regular at the new entries and find this lateral connection to health and wellness worth reading and getting to learn.

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