5 Ways to Make Your Office Space Happier

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For years I worked at home in a drab little office that looked and felt dark. At the suggestion of a friend I took some steps to spice up my office space in almost immediately I felt happier and more relaxed at work. This post will show you how you can make your office space at home or work a lot happier.

5 Ways to make your office space happier

1. Natural light
One of the first things you can do is make your work room brighter with natural light. It is a good idea to set your desk up in a position where the sun coming through the window doesn’t shine onto your screen or onto your eyes. That way you can have the blinds open all day and work in a bright and fresh environment.

Humans need sun to be happy. The Vitamin D that we produce after coming in contact with certain types of UV Rays is very important in combating depression. Make sure your office is getting some sun into it.

2. Green plants
Something else that you need is plant. Having a bit of greenery makes us feel like we aren’t so separated from nature and gives us something to look after. As you have to water a plant you will feel proud as it grows and this will induce a sense of happiness every time that you look at it.

3. Auspicious pictures
In Eastern philosophy the use of imagery is very important. For example, in the bedroom the Chinese like to place lots of “pairs”. This is seen as creating an “auspicious” environment for your love life and helping to remind you that someone else is in the room too.

In the office you should place relaxing pictures and pictures of wealth. Take a look at the traditional Tibetan image of longevity and happiness.

Image of Longevity

Place a picture like this as well as pictures of things that you want to achieve in your office.

4. Place your desk away from the doorway
One thing I noticed when I was doing my final year law exams is that I studied a lot better when I was away from the doorway. In the old days I had my back to the doorway and struggled to concentrate. These days, however, I have my desk at the back of the room where I can look out the window and at the door. This gives me a sense of security as I can see what is going on all the time.

5. Play classical music
Scientific studies have shown that over time classical music can help increase your intelligence as well as relaxing you more than any other music. I like to stream the radio off of my local Classical Music Radio station so that it is playing on my computer most of the day.

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However, listening to music while you are studying is actually counterproductive. You will retain less information than if you studied in silence.

Some of my favorite classical music to listen to during the day is:

– Vivaldi
– Bach
– Beethoven; and
– Mozart

Does anyone have any other tips to share?

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