5 Most Recognizable Values of Self-Assured People

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Being self-assured isn’t just some natural inclination. It can also very much be a conscious and intentional lifestyle choice. But how exactly does one not so inclined here become self-assured?

There are some ways you can go about achieving a much higher level of self-assuredness. For guidance here, we look to some of the qualities seen in those that do well themselves in this area. What are they doing and how can we do the same? What values of self-assured people can we develop?

Let’s get straight to it.

Values of self-assured people

1. Exude Confidence

As explained by Psychology Today writer Jim Taylor, “Confidence is the most important psychological contributor to performance in the business world. This is because you may have all of the ability in the world to accomplish a goal, but if you don’t believe you have that ability, you won’t use that ability to its fullest extent in pursuit of success.” 

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In other words, the only ability that matters is the ability to say “I can do this.” As further discussed by Taylor, confidence truly is a skill. Practice telling yourself that you can as opposed to the idea that you can’t. Repetition will take care of the rest. 

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2. Plan, Have Goals

Most of the self-assured people we know have another quality in common with one another: they plan and always have goals. Planning is the psychological way in which we prepare for things. Without planning, we are unprepared. Being unprepared does nothing to help self-assuredness.

Having goals means that you always have a list of things in your mind that you are working to accomplish. These can be lofty or small, varied or singular. Ask yourself, what do you want to do with yourself, your career, your financial future? What are some projects that you would love to see happening around the house? Have goals in mind and work on them every day.

3. Healthy Release

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Self-assured people are not necessarily that much better at handling life’s various stresses more than the next person. They get stressed and worn down as well as you or I. However, the difference in the more certain, competent person is the way in which they ultimately manage their stresses. Of course, stress can take over our lives in a negative way. That’s why it is so important to release it in a healthy way.

The first thing you must do here is to make a list of the kind of healthy releases or activities that you enjoy. In addition, to be this skillful person, you need to engage in these sorts of activities from time to time to give the brain a break and a little reward in as well. This ultimately helps you to compartmentalize your life‘s various demands better and gain a much abler and confident perspective through healthy release.

4. Stay Motivated and Moving

No one in the “self-assured” bracket would call themselves lazy or un-inclined. This kind of person is always into something and on the move. Therefore, consider your goals here and know what you need to do in order to see them through. The benefits will be amazing!

According to modern psychology, there is a total of five theories behind motivation. There is a challenge right here; this can be quite fun with a little open-mindedness. There is the tantalizing idea of a grand result just waiting to be achieved. Curiosity and control over one’s fate and destiny are also significant parts of psychological motivation. In any case, staying motivated and moving will not only build your sense of self-assuredness but also benefit your mind and body in a whole host of other ways as well.

5. Accept Compliments

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The most self-assured people know how to take a compliment. It’s not being arrogant, being polite or being modest, it’s how they graciously accept a compliment with full appreciation. Giving and receiving is a part of life, and it’s a very big part. We all know how nice it feels to give a good compliment to someone. So why not give them that feeling as well and accept compliments from others? Deflecting them takes away the compliment all together and leaves one with a salty feeling.

Accepting compliments gracefully is a sign of exuded confidence. It shows how someone can be confident but at the same time, not come off as arrogant. This is possibly one of the most difficult things to master for any self-assured person. But if you can be genuine and modest, who’s to say what you can achieve.

The benefits of being and feeling self-assured in your daily life are incredible. These five tips can help and derives directly from those living this kind of lifestyle and sense of self. Put them to practice for one week, and see what can happen for you!

This post was written by Matthew Snider, a writer, personal development junkie and regular blogger at Self Development Secrets. Matt, with his one-quarter Asian descent, did not start out as a writer, but he says, “the love for a subject is the most important aspect of writing. The readers want to read something written by someone who understands them.”

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