The Roadblocks That Are Expectations

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Expectations set the tone for everything that you do.

In any endeavor you begin, it is vital to identify your expectations and be brutally honest with yourself about them. Sometimes, one masks expectations, which is sure to result in disappointment, even hurt.

Sometimes, we find our paths blocked, not knowing why. We don’t know what to do in a particular situation, or why whatever it is we’re doing is not giving a sense of fulfillment. It could be that expectations are getting in the way of moving forward – without us realizing it.

Before you start your day, ask yourself, what do I expect to accomplish? What do I want to get from today? Analyze these ideas. Are they realistic? Set aside or re-shape those ideas that – no matter how well-intentioned – are unlikely to take shape with the time and resources you have.

Before you take on a job, ask yourself, how much am I willing to invest? What do I want to get out of the job? What do I expect to bring to the table? Take the time to analyze if these are all feasible.

At the exciting first stages of a relationship that has yet to be defined? Know what you are looking for. Are you hoping for something more than friendship? Are you looking for simple companionship? Or are you expecting more?


Sometimes we just can’t help but fool ourselves. We say and think one thing, then feel another. That’s okay, feelings come and go, often uncontrollable. What we can control are our thoughts and our reactions to how we feel. But we will be grateful to ourselves if we acknowledge our expectations.

If you’re feeling frustrated or unhappy in whatever situation you’re in, examine your expectations, and if necessary, take them to a more pragmatic level. That, or throw them out the window and embrace uncertainty. An act that will open you up to a world of happy possibilities.

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