9 Lessons You Won’t Learn In The Classroom

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Finishing school is probably the first serious milestone a lot of people set as a goal. Going through two decades of education is no piece of cake, hence why graduations are some of the most exciting and anticipated events in life. Once you do graduate though, you will probably appreciate all the prodding, strictness, and spats your parents had to go through with you just to compel you to go to school. However, upon entering the “real world” as in the adult world, you will find that there are lessons you won’t learn in the classroom.

Quite a lot of them in fact, a lot of schools do not prepare you properly for what to expect in the harsh realities of modern life. Not all schools are the same, of course, and some are better at equipping you than others. Then there are also the teachers both inside and outside of school that can determine how ready you are. For the most part, you are on your own but do not fret, we have compiled the lessons you won’t learn in the classroom but might have to once you enter the young adult life. Oh, if you are already there, then this would be a good list to reflect on:

The world is not about you

Upon your first few months in your very first school, you are taught to compete. The grading system made sure that this will happen. The thing is, achievements in school do not really account for much out there. If you do boast about your achievements in work or outside of school, well, good luck making real friends and relationships. After all, life is not just all about you. So try to learn humility while you are at it because boasting about having the best psychology homework answers is really not going to do you any good.

Life is unpredictable

Two decades in a controlled academic environment might have conditioned your mind to a safe routine. Wake up at an exact time, go to school, learn, go home, and so on. However, life is anything but a routine and the older you grow, the more you will realize that life’s events are harder to control and predict. That is why being resilient is probably more important than being prepared when life gives you lemons.

You will fail and be disappointed

Students who have had their share of poor grades are probably a lot better at handling this than those who are over-achievers. The thing is, you are going to get rejected at your job interviews– a lot, so be prepared for it. Even if you do manage to get it at the first try, then something else will surely disappoint you, co-workers, the salary, the boss. Point is, life is full of disappointments, much more so outside of school.

Your happiness is your responsibility

You might have been used to having a lot of friends while in school, but take note, once you enter adult life, you will have fewer friends. That can only mean loneliness and sadness even, so it is important that you know that you alone are responsible for your happiness. Hence, looking for it in other people can be quite disastrous for your emotional health.

You will be criticized, a lot

Not having the proper mindset to take constructive criticism will not serve you well, particularly in your job or other aspects of your life. Sure, keeping your pride and dignity is important, but not taking criticism from concerned people is just pure hard-headedness or even bigotry in more extreme cases. So get off your high horse and learn to be humble and listen to others, be open to learning new things. Oh, it is also important to know when to solicit your own feedback to others.

Rewards are not the only things that matter

Contrary to what we were led to believe in school, working for something just for rewards and accolades is not healthy and is even probably toxic behavior. Once you are out of school you will realize that this is a lot more common, people are motivated to kill, cheat, and steal for rewards/resources. That is why upholding your values and principles can be a priceless attitude and will pay off better in the long run, it’s what sets us apart from animals, after all.

Disagreeing with something is important

Remember when the education system conditioned you to conform¬†for about two decades? Well, time to undo that damage and practice some critical thinking, because disagreeing with something is a lot more important in today’s society. It is also not just with a simple dispute against homework help answers either, it can be political stances, certain laws, certain people, and certain views. Don’t be afraid to voice out your disapproval in the face of abusive adversity.

Thinking differently is a lot more valuable

School might have taught you to think like the rest of the class, and that can easily ruin someone else’s creativity. Being able to think differently from others and coming up with unique things is valued a lot more, especially in work or in dealing with problems. Of course, you will also have a better identity to yourself and others if you think differently, this might drive others away, but those who stay with you are probably keepers.

You just went through the easiest part of life

One of the most apparent lessons you won’t learn in the classroom. So if you thought going through two decades of education is hard, just wait till you enter the young adult life. Plenty of responsibilities to make you weep, bills, worsening health, oh, and you also have to worry about the world now too because you are affected whatever happens. Life, the hard and real one, is just getting started with you, just don’t be afraid to seek help. Learning to endure the hardships of life is the best accomplishment of all, one that warrants a pat on the back and the words “you did great.”

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