Tuesday Teachers: The Way of Liberation by Adyashanti

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One of Daily Mind‘s all time favourite spiritual teachers is Adyashanti. His honest, almost brutal, approach in helping us understand that it us, not the teacher, that is responsible for our own awakening, our own enlightenment, our own awareness of the true reality, God.

To read (for free) Adyashanti’s “The Way of Liberation“, please visit here:

the way of liberation

As Adya writes so beautifully…

Spirituality is not something set apart from life; rather, it is a plunge into the heart of existence. It is vitally important that our spirituality is in no way an avoidance of life, for then it only reinforces the unrealities that so many of us human beings feed upon.

The spiritual life is a turning away from unreality in all of its forms, and turning towards the completeness and unity of life. Such completeness has been called by various names throughout the centuries: God, Buddha Nature, Liberation, to name just a few. But the ability to perceive absolute completeness, or God, in all things as well as in oneself, is to see and perceive the reality of life here and now.

Let us understand that reality transcends all of our notions about reality. Reality is neither Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Advaita Vedanta, nor Buddhist. It is neither dualistic nor nondualistic, neither spiritual nor nonspiritual. We should come to know that there is more reality and sacredness in a blade of grass than in all of our thoughts and ideas about reality. When we perceive from an undivided consciousness, we will find the sacred in every expression of life. We will find it in our teacup, in the fall breeze, in the brushing of our teeth, in each and every moment of living and dying. Therefore we must leave the entire collection of conditioned thought behind and let ourselves be led by the inner thread of silence into the unknown, beyond where all paths end, to that place where we go innocently or not at all—not once but continually…

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