To Nail 2019, Aim for These 5 Goals

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Are you one of those people who look forward to New Year because it’s a new page in the book of your life? A perfect opportunity to come up with goals that you can keep throughout the year? If that’s you, here are our 5 suggestions for goals to set that will launch you to a successful, beautiful,  healthy and successful 2019!

1.    Learn Something New

There’s so much in this world we don’t know – not we as humans, but we as individuals. And it’s only natural that you feel curious about something! Whatever it is, chances are somebody else knows that already and is willing to share. Today, luckily, it can happen in a number of ways, from college degrees to online courses to YouTube tutorials or just good old books from the library! 

Devote 2019 to learning something that’s been on your mind! 

Maybe you’d like to finally nail photography, or want to read and learn about philosophy, or master eyeliner wing! Or you want to take up courses in online marketing? Crocheting? Spanish? Cooking delicious and cheap vegan meals? The knowledge is several clicks away. Devote two-three hours every week to your new hobby and enjoy the process of learning new things and becoming better and better.

2.    Move

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You might be a couch potato, which is fine. We understand! We love our couches just as much as you do! But we also know how important it is to move every day. And honestly, you know it too. You’ve just been too busy to actually do something about it. Busy? Lazy? Does it even matter? Physical exercise is of a great benefit both for your body and mind, and apart from fighting everyday fatigue and stress, it can also help to deal with anxiety and make you young for longer, as it’s great for your heart and immune system. 

So take the plunge and sign up for a gym membership! If you’re entirely sure you hate the gym, we won’t push you – but then find something else you like and stick to it. Zumba classes? Swimming? Even a program for home workouts can work. Don’t forget to include rest days, but don’t spend them lying around – instead, take a quick walk around your block or vacuum your whole house! Whatever it is, it’s essential that it fulfils two requirements: it involves moving, and it’s something you enjoy!

3.    Eat Better

Just like physical exercise, eating well is one of those things you know you should be doing, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered – and then “sometimes” stretches to days, weeks, or even months! Stop this nasty habit and commit to a healthy 2019. Deep down you know already what your diet should consist of: 80% nutrient-dense food such as lean protein, veggies, whole grain bread and pasta, fruits, eggs, and dairy, and 20% things that will satisfy your cravings from time to time – pizza, anyone?

 If this requires changing a lot of habits, start small, for example, have a healthy breakfast every day, and don’t order a burrito for lunch, but bring lunch from home. If you cannot find the time to prep meals for the week, luckily, you can now rely on healthy food delivery that will give you all the necessary nutrients and energy, but good flavour as well! My Muscle Chef, for example, is a service that will provide you with such meals that are your allies in a sustainable diet.

4.    Meet People Offline

Social media is a great tool to stay in touch, especially when you live far away from your friends and family, or if they are the ones that moved. But it also comes with many downsides, and you’re probably aware of them: it’s easy just to get lost in scrolling timelines, and a lot of times they will make you feel bad about yourself! Of course, just opting out of it is not an option in this day and age. You know what is, though? 

Being mindful about how you use it, and not letting your day revolve around it. To create and nurture meaningful connections, try meeting your friends in person as often as possible, even if for a quick after-work drink. Being with a living person is still number 1 experience when it comes to socialising. Plus, if possible, try not to touch your phone while hanging out. Messages and tweets can wait, trust us.

5.    See the World

If the travelling bug hasn’t bitten you yet, that’s fine. Plenty of time for that to happen, so why not in 2019? Seriously though, no matter how happy you are with where you live, try to instil a curiosity within yourself about the world we live in. It’s so big, diverse and beautiful, that it can only feed your soul to see as much of it as possible. Of course, not many people can quit their jobs and pack their backpacks to go on a great adventure, nor is such a thing for everyone. But this year, try to make at least one trip that you never thought of before. 

It will make you more alert, more aware of your own circumstances, and more knowledgeable of geography, history, politics, national cuisines, customs…  If you always go for holidays in Bali, opt for an urban destination or an active holiday. If your biggest adventure was a trip to England, book a holiday in a non-English speaking country. The world is waiting for you!

We hope 2019. fulfils your goals and dreams. With these tips, it can easily be the best year you have lived so far! Happy New Year!

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