The Miracle of Mirrors

Miracles do happen. Any person can experience it through his faith or through the help of another individual.

For people with disabilities, particularly the amputees, the miracle they can gain can come from the power of the mirror. It’s been proven that through this basic household item, people who no longer have complete limbs can still lead a quality life.

Stevo, an amputee himself, has been on a humanitarian mission traveling to different countries to help the underprivileged amputees. His goal is to ease the phantom limb pain these amputees often experience and help them cope with the depression they may be facing as a result of their condition.

But instead of using drugs or any other form of alternative medicine, Stevo uses the magic of mirrors. This unique kind of therapy uses acrylic mirrors that are hand-made using local materials. It is very cost effective because apart from the absence of drugs, patients need not visit doctors or clinics or travel to the town centers. Stevo himself fabricates the mirrors that are of two lengths – one for the arm amputees and the other for the leg amputees.

This mirror therapy is done by allowing patients to view a mirror image of his limb in place of the one that was amputated. By constantly letting them do this, the brain then starts to re-wire and stops giving warning signals that normally causes the pain. Ideally, this visualization technique needs to be done at least twice every day for up to five weeks in order for the patient to be healed throughout his lifetime.

The use of mirrors as a healing aid was developed by one of the world’s top neuroscientists, VS Ramachandran, back in the 1990s. It has been proven effective for more than 15 years now and is, in fact, also being practiced by the U.S. Military, the American Automobile Association and the American Pain Foundation. Interestingly, the technique has also been found to treat other conditions including stroke, paralysis, different nerve disorders and complex regional pain syndrome.

Thanks to Stevo and his campaign, poor amputees who may feel hopeless and frustrated about their situation can now look forward to leading a quality life. Donations can still be given until February 15 after which Stevo will embark on his next mission of bringing acrylic mirrors via his cargo bicycle. His goal is to collect $5,000 that would enable him to provide mirrors for the next three months until May.

Stevo is currently running a crowd fund raising campaign at, he needs to reach the target of $5,000 for all the money to go to helping people in Cambodia who have lost limbs. Please give what you can.

About the author:
Teresa is a freelance blogger and mom of two who gets inspiration from the success stories of people helping other people.

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