How to Bounce Back After Getting Laid Off

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Maintaining mind and body wellness after getting laid off is of utmost importance. Easier said than done, of course, because getting laid off often provokes feelings of embarrassment, disappointment, and failure.

However, you must remember that layoffs are typically out of your or your employer’s control. There’s nothing you can do except for always be prepared. Whether rumors of downsizing are circulating through the office or the company seems prosperous and growing, you should know how to handle getting laid off just in case.

To help you get started, this fun visual from Turbo outlines the best ways to come back from a layoff. Some of these include staying positive, taking a skill-related class, and reaching out to your network.

While not an ideal situation, it’s crucial that you make the best of the circumstances. Now you’ll have the time and freedom to pursue other interests that have been on the backburner. You never know, getting laid off might be the best thing that could have happened for you!

For more ways to handle getting laid off, check out the infographic below.

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