6 Ways to Remind You of the Happiness of Single Life

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Love takes many forms. Sadly, love is often depicted nowadays as the need to be in a relationship in order to be loved, it is widely believed that happiness can only be felt when you are committed to a partner.

This is wrong. You can be happy just being with yourself. Actually, single life can mean more “me-time” and less stress.

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If ever you are struggling to find happiness alone, here are simple tips that might turn your thinking the other way around.

Practice Self Love

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The first thing you need to do to find happiness in your single life is learning to love yourself more. Believe that you are enough for you to be happy. Happiness does not define a relationship but only depends on your own insights. So, do yourself a favor and start to love yourself more because you deserve it. There are certain ways that you can show love to yourself. Such ways like:

Give yourself a treat

Spoiling yourself with a little taste of luxury is a form of self-love. Eat those chocolates and foods you love, buy those expensive clothes you always dreamed of, travel the farthest reaches of the Earth.

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Pamper yourself by going to the spa or a hair salon to relax your mind and body. These things can help you explore the inner you and make you appreciate yourself.

Encourage yourself

There are times when a question mark is just visible on your face. Questions like “Can I really do this?” or “Am I doing enough?” should be changed to “I can do this!” or “I got this!” Doing this will encourage you and put a smile on your face.

Protect yourself

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Filter the people you let into your life. People that influence you to do bad things like drugs, vices and other things that can destroy you should be removed from your life. These toxic people only promote destruction and harm. On the other hand, people that motivate and influence you to do good things should be kept. They will be the ones to bring the best out of you.

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Forgive yourself

As humans, we are not perfect. We make mistakes every day, but these mistakes don’t define who we are. Learn to forgive yourself for the simple mistakes like not being able to do enough and common failures that seem to disappoint your parents. Instead of being depressed, learn from them and bring out a better version of yourself.

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Learn to ignore happy couples

When you are just about to be happy being single, a photo of happy couples appears out of nowhere while scrolling through Instagram. Close your Instagram and go to Facebook and you will still come across friends that show off how happy their love life is. Don’t get me started on Twitter and all the lovable and romantic tweets going around. So, what do you do? Deactivate all your accounts?

But then you are walking down the street and happy couples walk slowly, hands intertwined in front of you like they are taking a romantic walk on the moon or something. Now, what are you going to do? Scream and be bitter at them? No! If you see happy couples, let them be, ignore them. Even better, try to look for the good side and be happy for them.  Being envious simply robs you of your own happiness.

Spend time with your family and friends

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The best definition of happiness is spending beautiful and memorable time with those who cherish and motivate you. In your single life, your family and friends are the only ones that will understand and love you despite your many flaws and attitude.

Serve God

There are no other words that will describe your feeling when you vow yourself to God. Believing in God not only gives you happiness, believing in God gives you spirituality, hope, and faith. Remember that God is the first one to love you since the time he blessed your parents with you. Serve, love, and learn to trust God first and He will surely show you the path to your significant half.

Focus on your career

Instead of fooling around on online dating apps, why not concentrate first on your career. Many young adults tend to worry about their love life and not on their career. Establishing a strong income will not only help you and your future family but can also help you give back to your parents. Do not be one of those people that forget their parents and only focus on finding the right one. Focus on your career so that you will have a steady income and be successful.

Stay fit and keep a healthy lifestyle

Add healthy food to your diet. Do exercises that will calm your body and mind like Zumba and Yoga. Get into shape. Look for new hobbies that will improve your healthy lifestyle. These are simple ways that will connect you with your inner being and essentially bring you happiness.

Final thoughts

Happiness is not found in other people, it always starts and radiates within you. It is not a matter of relationship, it is rather the mindfulness of being happy with yourself and those who love and support you.

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