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Dreams are a mystery of the mind, and the stories and images we see when we’re asleep can be powerful and all-consuming. There are various theories on why we dream and it’s a subject that fascinates many.

Whilst we often can’t remember our dreams or can easily put them aside when we wake, some dreams just aren’t that easy to shake. They can take over our waking minds and leave us unable to think of anything else. At times this can be disconcerting, but at others, it can be enlightening.

That’s why The Mill Shop decided to look into dreams that changed the world. These dreams had such an impact on someone, they inspired them to do something that’s now known the world over.

Songs, fiction and even scientific breakthroughs can all be attributed to dreams, and these illustrations show some of the surprising results. After looking at these, we think your dreams are well worth your full attention!

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

dreams that changed the world

The stuff of nightmares, Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ was penned as a result of a vivid nightmare she experienced whilst staying in the home of Lord Byron.

Paul McCartney – Yesterday

The beautiful and instantly recognisable melody of ‘Yesterday’ filtered through Paul McCartney’s dreams until it became a reality when he awoke. This iconic Beatles song sold a million copies within 5 weeks of its release in 1965. It still endures today, being made the subject of a film in 2019. That’s certainly a dream worth having!

Neils Bohr – Structure of the Atom

Sometimes the subconscious can put things together that the conscious mind simply can’t. During the deep rest of sleep, the mystery of the structure of the atom revealed itself to Neils Bohr after many conscious failed attempts to work it out. The results? Redefining what we understand about the world around us. All down to a dream. 

Albert Einstein – Theory of Relativity

Another ground-breaking scientific breakthrough, Einstein’s most famous discovery was the result of a dream. Most people would just remember a dream about sledging but not Einstein.

Larry Page – Google

Where would we be without Google? It puts what seems like all the information in the world at our fingertips. Now it’s a reality, but it was once the stuff of Larry Page’s dreams. 

James Watson – DNA Double Helix

A dream allowed James Watson space to ‘think’ outside the constraints of science in his era. His theory of the shape and structure of DNA came to him during slumber and appeared to be so ludicrous it was almost supressed. 

Now we know what dreams can inspire, you’ve got even more reason to get a good night’s sleep! Sweet dreams…

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