9 Unexpected Things You Should Be Thankful For

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We often forget to count the blessings in our lives especially when we are facing endless challenges. It is easy for us to miss the little good things around and accept misfortunes as our permanent state of reality. But with a positive mindset and attitude, you can learn to appreciate the positive things around you. Even the bad, things we would naturally avoid and wish away, can be sources of good experience.  

Being grateful is one of those good habits everyone should embrace. It is therapeutic and boosts one’s physical and mental health. 

Here are some nine things you should be grateful for that you probably don’t expect.

Failure Is Top Among the List of Things to Be Thankful For

Failing is scary and feels terrible. However, trying something and failing doesn’t mean you are not good enough, or that you haven’t tried hard enough. It can simply mean that the idea you have invested your time on is not viable or worth pursuing. Failure can also be a blessing in disguise as it opens your eyes to new ideas and opportunities. You never know; the next idea you invest on could become very successful. 

You Should Be Grateful for Losing a Bad Job

Many people are unhappy in their work but are too afraid to call it quits. In fact, a study that surveyed more than 17,000 workers across 17 industries in the U.S. found that 71% of these workers were not satisfied in their current jobs and were actively searching for new employment opportunities. So, if you were let go from a miserable job, you should consider it a blessing and a chance to explore things that you actually have a passion for. 

It Is Important to Be Grateful for Bad Relationships

We have all had our share of bad relationships at some points in our lives. Though some can be really difficult to go through and even harder to get out of, in the end, bad relationships can be good for you. They teach you what you need to avoid and how to spot the red flags from afar. You will cry, suffer emotionally and sometimes even physically. But eventually, when you do come out of it, you will be a stronger person. 

Be Thankful for the Bad Things in Life

Sadness portrays the ability to care for others. When you are sad, it just means that you can connect and emphasize emotionally with the people that are close to you. Whenever you feel sad, you should view yourself as lucky to feel those emotions. Once the dark cloud passes, your sadness will turn to happiness. Furthermore, isn’t it better to be sad than to feel nothing at all?

Be Glad for Unexpected Breakups as Even the Bad Times Are Good

One of the toughest experiences anyone can go through in life is losing a relationship that you valued. More so, if it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. It is an awful feeling that can last days, months or years depending on the bond you had formed with your ex-partner. But you can be happy after a breakup or divorce, and little by little build your life again. Going through a tough break up also shows you how strong your will is in the most trying of times. 

Missed Chances Are Among Simple Things in Life to Be Happy For

Every one of us has regrets. They could be about a job opportunity you didn’t apply for, a crush you didn’t pursue, a course you didn’t take seriously or even a business idea you didn’t put your mind into. All these are missed opportunities that you wish you had taken but are now long gone. Instead of agonizing about what could have been, take it as a lesson. When you know what you have lost, you will be careful not to let the next opportunity pass you. 

Pain Is Also Among Unexpected Things in Life to Be Thankful For

Why should we be grateful for going through pain? Pain, though unpleasant, is motivational too. It can make you pursue a life-long dream so that you don’t go through the pain of letting it go or proposing to your partner so that you don’t lose her. Pain makes you change, grow and become successful both career-wise and in your personal life. Though most of us would choose a pain-free life if we were ever asked to pick, changing your perception towards pain can help you see that it is not actually that bad. 

Things to Be Grateful For: Fewer People in Your Life

One aspect most people don’t like about growing up is losing connections with people. Friendship is an essential aspect of human interaction. In a survey of over 270, 000 respondents from 100 countries, researchers found that friendships contributed to happiness and better health. 

However, while you may have a large group of friends while in high school, this circle gets smaller as you move to college and then employment. Don’t be sad when you realize that your social circle is not as large as it used to be. Instead, be grateful because the friends you have left now are those that genuinely care about you and would support you in any situation. 

Having Enemies Is One of the Things to Be Thankful for in Life

The mere thought or mention of an enemy can evoke feelings of anger or resentment. But as annoying as these individuals are to you, they can serve a better purpose beyond frustrating you. Having enemies or people that irritate you, gives you an opportunity to practice kindness, tolerance, and compassion. Plus, these people motivate you to become better. 

That’s it for now. But if you are ever going through a tough period, remember that it is only for a time, and good times will eventually come. Turn your bad moments into a great story.

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Alice Berg is a blogger and a career advisor at Skillroads, who helps people to find their own way in life, gives career advice and guidance, helps young people to prepare for their careers. You can find Alice on Twitter

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