5 Ways to Stay Motivated Even When You’re Not Feeling It

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To get ahead in life you have to get started. Many of us are able to start but after a while our motivation slowly fades away. That will and vigor we had at the start eventually disappears and we are left to wonder where it all went wrong. Well, that’s the thing with motivation; sometimes you feel it while sometimes you don’t. Like a camper adding more wood to the bonfire to keep himself and his team warm so should you when it comes to motivation. Here are some ways you can use to keep yourself motivated even when you don’t feel it:

1. Face your Excuses

If you want to stay motivated on a regular basis, then you’ll have to face your excuses. An excuse is anything whispering in your ear to do anything other than what you should be doing. If you are supposed to go to the gym, an excuse is the voice telling you to grab popcorns and watch a movie instead. If you are an Australian trader for example, the best times to trade forex in Australia may be during the late hours of the night. If you are full of excuses then you will miss out on some potential trade entries. You need to face your excuses and tell them No. If you keep on falling for the same excuses then you slowly lose sight of the task at hand. Do not let excuses hinder you from doing what needs to be done.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals is perhaps one of the best ways to stay motivated. Some people are comfortable setting short-term goals, achieving them and then moving on to the next one while others are more relentless and are able to set longer term goals that may last for years. However, it doesn’t matter whether your goals are short term or long term, as long as you are able to get it done. Goals ensure that you remain focused on what you want. Truth be told, there will be days when you are just not feeling it but looking at the goals you set a while back will help you carry on nevertheless. You should have your goals written down in a notebook, diary or pieces of stickers. Use them to remind yourself what you want to achieve every single morning.

3. Give Yourself a Reward

It’s never easy trying to achieve your dreams and that is why you need to always reward yourself after achieving a small goal. You may have been frequently going to the gym for an entire month and at the end you notice that indeed you have lost some few pounds. That is an achievement and it requires a reward. You could buy yourself a piece of chocolate or treat yourself to a full day at the spa. Although there may still be a long way to go, rewarding yourself motivates you to carry on.

4. Use Inspirational Materials

To keep the fire burning, you need to remind yourself of your purpose. There are a lot of inspirational materials out there that can help you stay focused. We have motivational videos you can watch, podcasts you can listen to and inspirational books that you can read. If you feel like you are losing touch with your goal then find some of these inspirational materials. You can listen to TED talks or watch some of Tom Bilyeu’s motivational videos. You could also find people who have achieved what you are working towards and get some advice from them.

5. Have a Visual Image of What You Want

To keep yourself motivated do not just set goals but go a step further and also visualize how different your life would be after achieving that goal. Having a visual picture of what you want can help you do more. It shows you what you could be in future if you work hard. You can visualize yourself with a fully fit body or being able to travel anywhere in the world because money is no longer a problem. Let that picture be your driving force.


It is easy to motivate someone, but the task of remaining motivated for the years to come depends entirely on an individual. To remain motivated you need to always remember what you want to achieve and to always stay on track no matter what. Do not let the litany of complaints and excuses drag you back.

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