How to Protect Your Mind From the Mistakes You Make

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The human mind is a strong but delicate thing. That’s what makes it so remarkable.

The mind’s incredible sensitivity goes hand-in-hand with awesome power and agility. So it’s no surprise that when things go wrong up there, they can go pretty drastically wrong.

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That’s also why looking after your mind requires a combination of soft care, kindness, and mental exercise. None of these elements alone are optimal. Be too kind on yourself without thinking critically, and you may become complacent or slapdash. Work your mind too hard without forgiving yourself for your mistakes, and you’ll suffer emotional problems that further manifest through your body health.

In fact, although we have evolved to become worriers – our minds are programmed to reflect on our past in quiet moments, particularly the bad stuff – obsessing about your mistakes can lead to depression, alcohol abuse, and eating disorders.

The trick is to acknowledge mistakes and work with them, rather than ignoring them or letting them drag you down. Frame your slip-ups as learning opportunities and life experiences rather than failures or disasters.

You can help yourself to think this way by approaching mistakes with positive action, such as sitting down to construct a plan as to how you will clear up after the mistake and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

But you might also limit the time you spend worrying about your mistakes by identifying the times when you tend to worry unproductively. In these moments, distract yourself with other positive pastimes such as meeting with friends and family, going for a walk, or playing sports.

The good people at NetCredit have put together a full guide on how to stop obsessing over your mistakes. It’s pretty simple stuff once you get into the discipline of both caring for and exercising your mind. It’s worth spending time on proper maintenance!

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