7 Ways to Make Your Weekend Feel Longer

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We all know that feeling on a Monday morning, waking up to realise that the weekend has gone and left us with another five days of work to get through before another chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. But where did the time go? Our weekends are important for us, because they are when we get to spend quality time with friends and family, and also take a break from work to recharge and look after ourselves.

If you’re tempted to try and catch up with work over the weekend, you should know that studies show that not only is it effectively pointless in terms of productivity but also that it’s more beneficial to your performance to relax and enjoy yourself. For example, a weekend spent disconnected from your devices has been shown to increase creativity by 50%, showing the tangible benefits of relaxation.

Budget Direct has created an infographic that shares 7 tips for how you can make the most of your weekend and stop it feeling like it has flown past. Each tip has a scientific background to demonstrate why it will make your weekend last longer, with something as simple as leaving your smartphone in a drawer having the effect of making you feel less hurried, while doing something new or surprising causes your brain to record more detailed memories, making time feel like it has gone more slowly.

The good news is that activities you will really enjoy can also have a positive impact on how long your weekend feels, so watching a scary movie or listening to your favorite album both help to slow time down. Other people can have an impact on your weekend too, as seeing faces full of emotion helps you perceive time as longer, while you can be on your own practising mindfulness to make time slow down.

There are lots of ways you prevent your weekend from going too fast, so why not try some this weekend?

7 science-backed ways to make your weekend feel longer

7 science-backed ways to make your weekend feel longer, courtesy of Budget Direct Home Insurance

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