The Top 10 Social Workers of 2011 (Infographic)

People constantly talk about giving back to the community and serving others. But very few actually have the courage and conviction to do it. A lot of people say that social work can be such a thankless job but the spiritual rewards are tremendous. Social workers are modern heroes and they should be given the recognition they deserve.

The Top 10 Social Workers of 2011 infographic is a step towards that recognition. It shows ten social workers who have made a huge difference in the respective fields they have chosen to serve. Each entry details the social workers’ work position, how they are seen by their colleagues and what social work they have been doing.

The infographic is very inspirational and it won’t be a surprise if someone who sees this infographic would consider doing social work in the future.

Top 10 Social Workers of 2011
Source: Best Social Work Programs

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